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Now that I’m positively settled in in Amsterdam, know my way around the big city and have managed a whole week here on my own, it’s time to say a nice big hello to this corner of the internet. Hi, how have you been? For the past month I have mostly been occupied with the admin of moving to another city, changing jobs, as well as wrapping up one of the most stressful semesters I’ve had at uni so far, so apologies for neglecting you…Continue Reading “A Hello From A’Dam”

And just like that, it’s May. Like magic, buds have turned to blossoms, puddles to patches of green and fog to fabulously blue skies, feeling like we’ve skipped a month here or there. Where has the time gone, don’t ask me, but I’m more than happy that my winter coat is firmly in the back of my closet and the trusty leather jacket is in full force. Spring also arrived with a bit of a sore throat and some stress-induced fever, but let’s keep it at…Continue Reading “The New Spring Shoes”

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My beauty routines are pretty set and it doesn’t often happen that I find new favourites – hence the few and far between beauty posts here. However, this ending winter has once again left my skin yearning for some extra moisture and relief, as per usual. It’s also far too easy to pick up something  while on a trip to stock up on my favourite foundation or online on a sneaky payday beauty browse ending with “add to cart” quicker than you can say “Maybe…Continue Reading “On My Beauty Shelf”


I don’t want to shout about it, but it seems that SPRING IS HERE! Arriving very on time for my birthday on the 5th of April, bringing leather-jacket weather, sunshine for a week and that evening light which makes me so much more productive, when it comes to schoolwork in the evenings (reason no 1 I’ve been a bit absent here). Spring’s also made me dig into the depths of my wardrobe for those amazing culottes that were basically glued to me at the end…Continue Reading “Bits of Spring and A Bit of News”

For a fleeting moment last week it really seemed that spring is here, snow melting and sun shining. However, as I went shopping for a dress to wear to a birthday party last week, I did stumble upon this darling baby blue jumper at H&M, knowing that the weather would give me some more non-spring opportunities to wear it out. Styling wise it really was a no-brainer to pair it with my Farleigh jeans, the it-hat of the season (bar the beret) and that burgundy…Continue Reading “Spring Air”


I can’t say that Helsinki is a dream destination for me, having been there at least ten times in my short life, but every time I go, I try to put on those tourist glasses and find something new, a little excitement in the city next to the beaten paths. This time our trip was planned with the hope of seeing The Killers in concert – a dream live band! – but alas, the concert was postponed to July, when we already had the tickets…Continue Reading “24 hours in Helsinki”


Truth be told, as much as I’m not a fan of tingling cheeks and numb fingers, this freezing winter is gorgeous. Especially in the frosty sunshine we’ve had in the past week – as ordered to celebrate the Independence Day last weekend. We had planned to go to the countryside for the holidays, but as those plans fell through, I made certain to have an equally outdoorsy day in the city. Skating in the sunshine definitely satisfied my winter sports desires and even though I’m…Continue Reading “Shearling, Baby”


We’ve finally made it through January, quite possible the gloomiest month ever and with the joy of Christmas over, I definitely fell into a heavy hole of a routine. The fact that I’ve worn the same jeans every day this week probably says a lot about my love for the month and the current state of mind and willingness to make an effort. Or it says that I bloody love the Asos Farleigh jeans so much that when I accidentally ripped a hole in my…Continue Reading “The Faces”

You know how you have those favourite places – cafés, book stores, shoe stores, street corners, favourite pink house (just me?) – that seem to be for ever and ever? You know the smell, the cosy feeling of something so familiar, the same friendly faces and it seems almost incomprehensible that one day they might close and vanish into thin air. Because surely, if it’s your favourite place it must be so many other peoples’ too, right? So when I heard that my favourite coffee…Continue Reading “A Day In Tallinn”

    (eestikeelne allpool) The thing with having a blog is, that behind the outfit posts, press events and content plans, it’s first and foremost a diary. So looking back on 2017 and reading through my last post of last year, I realise that even without really thinking of it, I’ve accomplished most of what I thought I would. Even if I thought I didn’t set myself any goals or made any big resolutions, they still happened. I intended to go resolution-free to 2018 as…Continue Reading “Oh hi, 2018”