Island trip part 2 – Hiiumaa ( and a little bit of Saaremaa )

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Here’s the last batch of pictures of my trip.
On the third day we went hiking on Vilsandi, but all I would have to show you are nature views( and hiking clothes, but c’mon..).
The fourth day took us (thrift)shopping to Kuressaare. I got myself a really pretty skirt that I’m sure you’ll see soon and also the bowtie bracelet from one of my previous posts.

Family portrait taken with my lomo at a spot where land ends and the sea takes over. It was crazy windy in there and waves came from both sides.
At Kõpu lighthouse, one of the biggest in Estonia. It was even windier in there so I had to hold my skirt and my hat all the time..

Vanajõe valley was a really sweet place. The river in the bottom of the valley was really curvy and fun to watch. And there were also blueberries which just happen to be my favourites.
Angla windmills at Saaremaa. These are also things that you can find scattered all over Estonia, but the are still interesting. Of course I had to climb to every single one just to realize that they all looked the same inside. :)
Really adorable little goats at Angla.
 I was wearing:
thrifted skirt
thirfted top
vintage bangles from my mom
hat from seppälä
random brand ballerinas