Island trip part 1- Hiiumaa

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As you might remember, I spent most of last week discovering the two biggest islands in Estonia – Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. And now I’ve finally got round to posting the pictures !!

So the first day took us on a ferry and to Hiiumaa. We explored quite a lot of places, unfortunately I don’t have decent photos of all of them.The distances between the sights were ridiculously small to cover by car. We actually came across the same cyclists almost everywhere we went.

I’ll be spending this weekend at Viljandi Folk festival. I hadn’t actually planned to go, I was already looking forward to a quiet weekend at Otepää, but then my mom won a day-pass for two to the folk festival and now I’m going. See you there, everyone ! 

At Lehtma beach. The water was quite cold to go swimming plus there were jellyfish.
Soera farm museum. There are many such museums scattered all over the country and they are all just as nice as this one. The adults in our little group were quite interested in the home-made beer,though.
Estonian version of the Hill of Crosses(last year I visited a much bigger and more spiritual one in Lithuania). Nowadays it is a tradition for everyone who comes to Hiiumaa for the first time to put a little cross up there. They are usually made of branches that are found in the woods.

My dad at Tahkuna lighthouse( the next 3 pictures are also taken there) . It was my most favourite sight of the whole trip, I have no idea why, but I just liked it ! :)

The view from the top of the lighthouse, mostly just sea. But it felt really liberating to see the sea pretty much everywhere you go and have the smell of the sea in my hair at the end of the day.

shirt- Zoey M
cardigan- Lindex
ballerinas- random brand
A wine kitchen from some hundred years ago to end our day. Nothing special, but just.. scenic. It is one of the last surviving parts of and old manor complex.

 The first and fourth pictures are taken with my lomo, I finally got the film full and the pictures developed!

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  1. Nii cool on vaadata Hiiumaa nö turisti pilte sinust, kui endal on kõik kogu aeg käe ja jala ulatuses. Aga sa näed väga hea välja!:)

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