I’ve successfully survived one of the most stressful exam periods in my uni life so far and starting to come out of my cave and discover the world of blogging once again. Writing five essays and a mini-thesis in a month can really take any creativity out of you and make you tremble at the sight of another keyboard, but I’ve had a week’s worth of rest (and a haircut, in case you didn’t notice!) and time to think of where this blog is going…Continue Reading “From The Mens Section”

If there’s a time for making promises, improvements and putting together a plan, it’s the beginning of a new year and even though I try to keep from promising too much (putting pressure on myself for not keeping said promises, no thanks!), I do want to try and refine my style this year. I’m talking about finding some perfect basics – much like this woolly coat – to build my wardrobe around and develop a sort of personal style. Hopefully this means more thoroughly considered…Continue Reading “White As Snow”

One way or another, snow comes as a surprise every year. One day we’re enjoying the golden leaves of early November, the next day the whole country is knee-deep in snow, noses freezing and cars acting up. However, for the first time since I’ve been responsible for dressing myself, I feel like I’m prepared. Introducing: the winter coat of dreams, covering me with woolly goodness in sub-zero temperatures. Not pictured: the fleecy lining covering this on the inside. Literally, this coat feels like wearing a…Continue Reading “The Coat Of Dreams”

Lately I feel like there’s not enough pink in my life. Taking into consideration that I’ve never been the girl to like pink (although I had a really prominent lilac phase when I was 9), it’s an unusual situation to be in. I especially crave this certain muted blush pink tone and the few times I’ve been shopping in the last month, I have had to hold myself back so much to not buy everything in that shade (namely a pair of leather espadrilles that…Continue Reading “Winter In Pink”

Not long ago I was cycling on the streets of Utrecht, trying to grasp how gorgeous one city can actually be. Actually, not that long ago, I was standing in the airport in Tallinn, a plane ticket to Amsterdam in one and a tear-wet tissue in my other hand. Time, as always, flies unbelievably fast and somehow this is already my last outfit post from the Netherlands. How did I only manage like seven of them during the five months? I do however, still have…Continue Reading “Not That Skirt Again!”

Way back in November, when The Netherlands were experiencing a pretty standard autumn, but what for me felt like being caught in an endless rain storm (I’m not kidding when I say that it was pouring down for a whole week), my Finnish flatmate and I started to discuss, whether we’d settle for the rain to live in a warmer climate or embrace freezing winter degrees just to escape the torrential rain. Fast forward a few months and within less than 12 hours, I got…Continue Reading “My Pastel Winter Outfit”

Chances are that if I’d walk past you on a street on a random day, I’d be tucked into this scarf so deep that only my eyes would show. It’s just the best solution to hide from cold winds and crisp temperatures! A few years ago I discovered the endless joys of blanket scarves and on a trip to Primark this autumn, I picked up this practical two-sided scarf to replace my old one, which to be honest, was quite worn from all the love…Continue Reading “Winter Warmers”

Here’s that beautiful forest green Style Moi coat for you again and another way to style a boyfriend style coat. If you remember the last version, then it’s actually not that different a way of wearing it. But hey, how many options are there for a black-loving girl like me? To me, this outfit is in the details – the embellished hat, my Ivo Nikkolo brooch and that amazing Märss backpack, which is way too full and bulky. It actually fits my whole life in…Continue Reading “That green again”

I ripped my black jeans just at the end of last year, so I’ve been replacing them with my leather trousers ever since. This Lindex sweater is the best buy of last fall, it’s been on cold-day rotation (and also in a fashion week outfit) for months. On the really cold days, this New Yorker coat from last year has been saving me. Can’t really say no to warm fleece lining and a fur collar parka when the temperatures go to the lower end of…Continue Reading “Winter chill”

I remember that some years ago I looked desperately for a fur hat, eventually not finding it anywhere and hatless I was. With the thermometer showing -10 degrees outside it’s inevitable that my mind again wonders off to the warm land of (faux) fur. This time the obsession is back bigger than before and it doesn’t help that those furry coats keep appearing on every fashion blog, magazine editorial and in high street shops out there.  I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go…Continue Reading “Moodboard: Fur”