Take That – Shine (Big fan of 80s britpop boybands making a comeback, I’ve been a Robbie Williams fan for as long as I can remember. Really.) On this gloomy Friday (especially gloomy for me since I’ve caught a flu and a fever) I share with you these wonderful pictures taken on Tuesday. It was an open-mic night at my school and the most perfect warm spring weather. The event consisted of amazing singers and musicians, rock-bands, a folk band, stand-up comedy, three rappers and…Continue Reading “Shine”

This Saturday I went to a lovely event with my sister. It’s called Vintage Tallinn and is basically a huge flea-market full of vintage goods. Although it was crowded and quite expensive, I still had a good time. I bought myself a beautiful necklace (the ones who follow me on twitter, might have already seen it) and my sister got an autograph from her favourite actress. For the occasion I decided to wear my newest vintage buy, which is this lovely lilac blouse. It’s so…Continue Reading “Vintage Tallinn”

I’ve finally got the film full, had the pictures developed and scanned them in, so I can share these little snaps on my winter caught on film with my cool vintage camera. A lot of them came out really blurry, because I never learn to take the pictures from a distance. The first picture is of the Louboutin socks that Getter made me for Christmas and the last picture is taken at my school’s fashion show. Lõpuks olen filmi täis saanud ja selle ka ära…Continue Reading “On film”

I can finally show you the dress I chose from the wonderful Everybody’s Buying Vintage . So, as any vintage item should be passed on, I’m passing this dress on to one of you . The dress is actually really wonderful. The print is just amazing and it’s incredibly soft. It’s a size M, so it’ll fit most of you. To become the next owner of this fabulous dress: 1. Be a follower of Bowtie Diary on Google Friend Connect 2. Follow EBV on Facebook…Continue Reading “EBV dress giveaway !”

I’d like to introduce you to the newest sponsor of my blog. It’s a wonderful online vintage shop called Everybody’s Buying Vintage. Browsing through the shop was an absolute delight.There’s things for every taste, some girlier, some a bit more edgy. Of course my favourites were the dresses. I could imagine myself wearing one of the wonderful floral dresses to a festival next summer, or to the beach or just going for a ride on my bike. It’s that kind of a shop that just…Continue Reading “Sponsor spotlight: Everybody’s Buying Vintage”

Another week has passed without a proper blog post, my sincere apologies for that. We took these pictures after school on Friday and it was already getting dark ( at 3 in the afternoon !) . Because we live close to the polar night, under grey clouds and in a land with no snow. That’s also why the pictures look kind of .. vintage and different, in a cool way.  Let’s hope that it won’t be a black Christmas ! About the outfit.. The skirt…Continue Reading “Different in a good way”

Greetings from snowy Tallinn ! It has been snowing for the past few days and we’re expecting a storm this night/tomorrow, so I plan to enjoy my weekend from the warmth of my home and dedicate to studying. We took these pictures really quickly today, because it was the casual coat off-pictures-coat on, only colder. So excuse the partial blurriness. The boots that I’m wearing are borrowed from my mom. I’m really happy that we wear the same size shoes and clothes, because we exchange…Continue Reading “Snow White”

Since I have no crazy Halloween pictures to show, then here’s a few snaps from the past months. Getter recently got her lomo film and the pictures look so great ! Though it feels quite bad to look at such summery and warm pictures now, since it’s so dark and cold outside. celebrating the start of a new schoolyear with cocktails at Vapiano. pictures from our shoot at Patarei. umbrellas at Uue Maailma festival. Getter’s birthday- the day we got addicted to pool.  the streets…Continue Reading “All your dreams are just a blink away”

Yes, it’s another fashion week post from me. Don’t worry, there’s only a couple of them left, then I’m back to normal posting. Not that I would have anything interesting to post, because school is just school and nothing that fun has been going on(except for fashion week and getter’s bday. yes she’s in the 17  again club, at last !) Well, this is what I wore to the last show, called Kolmlõige. Before that I went to Getter’s birthday party and I needed an…Continue Reading “TFW day 4 outfit”

This little shoot was inspired by the last episode of ANTM, where they had to portray different childhood games. Yesterday, I went to Getter’s so we drew a hopscotch and snapped some photos. Afterwards we wanted to have a photoshoot, but when we got to our “set”, we realized that if we stayed there for over 5 minutes, we would be eaten alive my mosquitoes. So our plan failed. To get over the sadness and disappointment( OK, it wasn’t that dramatic), we watched How I…Continue Reading “skipping in heels”