I remember my first time at a secodn hand shop – one of my school friends took me to a shop she’d been to with her mom and we killed some time before her dance lesson. As a result, I bought a slightly cropped red-and-white roll neck jumper, which seemed to be the coolest thing ever, consider I was about 12 and had just spent a considerable amount of my pocket money on something that was my very own. That friend showed me loads more,…Continue Reading “Your Guide To All the Vintage In Tartu”

Festival fashion is a thing, and it’s not just about wearing rubber boots or remembering to bring a hat. Flower crowns of all shapes and sizes are having a field day and there’s lace tops as far as the eye can see, so I’m here to bring an alternative to the party, because love it or hate it, festivals are a blogger’s dream and dressing up is pretty much mandatory. Essentially, you should bring clothes that a) can get dirty b) aren’t brand new, so…Continue Reading “Festivals In Vintage”

I’ve never been a fan of big and flashy jewellery, but aside from a few modest rings and bracelets that you see in my outfit posts, there’s more than meets the eye. For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn a delicate silver necklace with a meaningful pendant – first it was my star sign Aries, then a sparkling P and now a special souvenir from the Montserrat monastery near Barcelona. Then there’s a few heirloom pieces which I hold dearer than I actually…Continue Reading “A Special Piece Of Jewellery”

Remember, a few weeks ago I wrote about ERKI fashion show? Well, now I’m finally blogging my outfit! I had originally planned to wear my new leather trousers (yes, I’m slowly becoming a rebel-motorcycle mouse), but arriving to Tallinn, I realised that it was way too hot for those. So I worked with what I had in my home-wardrobe, because most if my clothes are in Tartu. The shirt and shoes were with me anyway, but I decided to pair them with my mother’s vintage…Continue Reading “Flashback to ERKI”

A few weeks ago I received an email from Kutshimutshi, which is a vintage and design store here in Tartu, asking if I’d like to pick something from their store to style and wear. Well, yes? When I went to pick out the clothes and jewellery, I had in mind that I’ll do one outfit. But then they let me loose in the store (which is fairly small, but fits a whole lot of coolness on only a few square meters) and I ended up…Continue Reading “Blue is the warmest colour”

Robbie Williams- Candy Yesterday I attended a lovely little event at a cute shop called Ateljee no. 13 to see the launch of a new Estonian-Italian clothing brand called Lowi Vi. The evening was filled with clothes so pretty and ethereal, that they felt like a dream to look at. Add some sparkling wine and girlie chats and you have yourself a pretty perfect summer night in my books! Of course, knowing me, I’ll take any chance I get to dress up and this was…Continue Reading “She thinks she’s made of candy”

I’ve already mentioned it a few times in a few posts, but this is finally the official one. I graduated from high school on the 20th of June. One big stage of my life is over and I’m not really sure if I’m happy or sad. I guess it hasn’t properly sunk in yet and this summer seems like any previous one, with the slight difference that I won’t be attending my dear old school in autumn, but instead going to university and starting a…Continue Reading “My graduation day”

As you might now, flats are the new heels for this spring, and lately, I’ve stumbled upon so many beautiful flats for spring that I just couldn’t leave the shop without. I have two new pairs of oxfords, one round toe and one super spiky, one in matte leather, one in patent leather. I need to justify buying two pairs somehow, so I keep finding differences between them. I also found the cutest pair of black-and-white flats at a thrift store in Tartu, they have…Continue Reading “Spring in my step”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Thrift Shop Usually, when a new item appears on my wishlist – mental, written down or the on on the blog – I don’t go to the shops trying to find that exact item. I prefer to wait for the item to find me. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe it’s meant to be. This coat is a great example of my mentality. Some time ago I kind of got bored of my grey parka and the cape is a bit too fancy…Continue Reading “The story of a coat”

Not to be too dramatic or anything, but my favourite shoes of this spring/summer season broke and I figured that they need at least a good-bye post on the blog. I got the vintage loafers for a ridiculous price and I wore them a lot on the blog and countless times in real life. So, one day I discovered a crack in their sole, but that didn’t stop me from wearing them. It was last week when a piece of their sole broke off and…Continue Reading “RIP black loafers (02.02.2012 – 16.08.2012)”