I’m not exaggerating when I say that half of our time spent in Utrecht was spent in its numerous cafés, having one locally roasted artisan cup of coffee after another and generally just people watching and taking in the awesomeness of the Dutch. I’m also not exaggerating when I say that a big reason why I wanted to go back to the Netherlands in general was so I could revisit my old favourites, check out if the same baristas still work at the same cafés…Continue Reading “Utrecht Coffee Guide”

Not long ago I was cycling on the streets of Utrecht, trying to grasp how gorgeous one city can actually be. Actually, not that long ago, I was standing in the airport in Tallinn, a plane ticket to Amsterdam in one and a tear-wet tissue in my other hand. Time, as always, flies unbelievably fast and somehow this is already my last outfit post from the Netherlands. How did I only manage like seven of them during the five months? I do however, still have…Continue Reading “Not That Skirt Again!”

On one fine day I just felt like vlogging and then there’s was nothing else to do than just grab my camera and take it with me. I did intend to show you my school day too, but I only had one lecture, so that didn’t turn out too well. However, the big event of the day was Christmas shopping! Among other things I sneaked in a room tour, a lunch break and my favourite smoothie. The vlog is in Estonian once again, so do…Continue Reading “Surprise Christmas Vlog!”

When I moved to the Netherlands, I was pretty sure that I’m going to spend the next six months in a warmer climate. Not exactly Mediterranean, but still southern enough to skip the snow and freezing winter (half of it anyway). Three months on and I’m not absolutely sure that this is true. It is warm enough to proudly wear my coats unbuttoned and go without a hat, but the wind! My god, the wind just makes it positively arctic on some days. And then…Continue Reading “Being Totally Dutch And Talking About The Weather”

I am trying really hard to not wear my fedora in every single outfit post. It just seems to perfect everything and give an instant cool filter to every outfit. Instead, here you have just plain hair and a few little twirly plait thingies. I’m actually trying to put more effort into accessories in general, which means wearing something more than just my daily wristwatch and almost as daily fedora hat. Starting from little things, like keeping my nails nice and painted and doing some…Continue Reading “Pale Pink Bow”

Autumn has settled in, almost overnight. It was just last weekend, when I was going on about the trees not turning magically golden and there being a general lack of autumn-ness in The Netherlands. Then on Saturday our group of friends went on a day trip to Antwerp and when we came back, Utrecht had realised that it is indeed October and gone full on autumnal. Though despite it being early October, I could still go without tights on Sunday and enjoy the indian summer…Continue Reading “Indian (Dutch) Summer”

None of the items I’m wearing in this post came to the Netherlands with me in one of my overpacked and/or overweight suitcases. Ok, the shoes did, but I was wearing them and that’s still a pretty big portion of fashion blogger effort put into one outfit, considering the percentage of never before seen clothes in this outfit. Though it might seem like it, I haven’t actually been clothes shopping a lot, I’ve just come across some very great pieces that seem to fit together…Continue Reading “Neutral Metallics”

I know you’re all eagerly waiting for the Dutch posts, but since I still have one Estonian outfit to show, then I’d like to finish all things on that front and then go all Dutch. But there is one way how to keep up with my Erasmus life in the Netherlands and that’s through Instagram! (Kind of a no-brainer, right?) I’ve already shared pretty architecture snaps and the occasional ice-cream picture, so if you’re feeling like it, head over to my Instagram here @piiaounpuu and…Continue Reading “Instagram Update”