This is easily one of the most picturesque places in Estonia that I’ve ever been to. Having visited Toila park back in spring with my dad, I definitely wanted to go back during our little Tour de Estonia roadtrip and see this stunning seaside garden in full bloom. The terraced garden was actually once accompanied by a manor house, which the local farmers gifted to Estonia’s first president to be his summer residence. He enjoyed his days there, going for long walks on the other…Continue Reading “Bittersweet”

As promised, a few pretty snaps from my Wednesday in Amsterdam! To be honest, we didn’t do anything noteworthy, except walk around the canals and just get to know the city, so that when we go back, we’d know where to go and what to do. It was kind of a get-to-know trip, if you wish, since neither me nor my Finnish travel companion had done any research whatsoever.  So the first thing we did was hop on a sightseeing boat and spent an hour…Continue Reading “Postcards From Amsterdam”

So carrying on with the festival theme, I’ve decided to put together this quick little list of necessities, which will come handy whichever festival you’re going to. I remember that a few years ago I found a similar list from Olivia’s blog and it helped me through my first festival beautifully. (You know, meeting Two Door Cinema Club and all…) As a few of my friends have asked for packing tips, it’s high time to put this on the blog!  Jätkan festivaliteemaga ja mõtlesin kokku…Continue Reading “What to Pack for a Festival (Fashion Blogger Edit)”

We spent only three days in London, when in reality it would need thirty to actually live and breathe the city and get to know its many magical corners. I also have this really strong touristy urge, so before I can actually fully enjoy myself, I have to see all the “important places” and tick all the boxes. Nevertheless, I’ll try to give you a small (and quite personal, not at all universal-to-everyone) selection of things to do and places to go in London. Do…Continue Reading “London Travel Tips”

Time to start with the travel posts! During our trip we stayed with friends of our family about 100 km from London and our eating habits were quite hectic, so I don’t really have any accommodation and foodie tips. Although I’ve head that Airbnbs in London and Brighton are as cool as can get and for food or drinks, you can usually rely on a good English pub. We spent a day in Brighton and it was just enough to get to know the city,…Continue Reading “Postcards From Brighton and a Tiny Travel Guide”

I’m back from my break in pretty England and in full work mode already! We spent a wonderfully sunny day in Brighton and three days in gorgeous London – I’ll bring you the postcards and travel tips really soon! But for now, I’ll share with you my touristy outfits for the days.  I tried to keep my outfits comfortable enough for walking around all day, every day, but not forgetting a chic touch. As you can see, I’m not really a fan of colours when…Continue Reading “London Outfit Snaps”

I spent a very fun two days in Brussels this week. It was a university trip with my course and the main reason for us going there was to get to know a bit more clearly what the European Parliament does. The two days absolutely flew by and in addition to school-kind-of-stuff we had plenty of time to explore Brussels too. I’m not doing a typical travel guide, but more of a… “If you have two days in Brussels, what should you (not) do”. Here…Continue Reading “48 Hours in Brussels”

Those pictures were taken on a particularly summery day a few weeks back and since then we’ve survived some pretty gross times, but now it seems that summer’s starting to show its face again. Also, slowly, but surely, all of my Barcelona shopping from way back in February is making its appearance on the blog. I think there’s just one necklace and a skirt that you haven’t properly seen yet! This skirt is one of the things that took up space in my cabin luggage…Continue Reading “Early Summer’s Hue”

After the postcard-perfect photo diary of my stay in Barcelona, it’s time to share a few tips for those of you who might be thinking of spending some time there.  Firstly, in such a vibrant city, Couchsurfing is definitely an option. We stayed for six nights with a Colombian-Swedish guy right on the border of Barceloneta and the Gothic Quarter which means in the freaking centre of the city. I’m sure that there are lots of hospitable and cool people willing to host you and…Continue Reading “My Tips For Barcelona”

Almost excactly a month ago, I landed back home from my week-long trip to Barcelona and now I’ve pulled myself together to do a round-up post. This one is more general talk and pictures, emotions and pretty views. I’m also planning to do a post about my tips and recommendations about Barcelona (and the food!), so if you’re up for a travel guide, keep coming back.  But now, to the trip! I must break it to you, I was kind of disappointed. Not drastically, but…Continue Reading “Postcards From Barcelona”