Lately I feel like there’s not enough pink in my life. Taking into consideration that I’ve never been the girl to like pink (although I had a really prominent lilac phase when I was 9), it’s an unusual situation to be in. I especially crave this certain muted blush pink tone and the few times I’ve been shopping in the last month, I have had to hold myself back so much to not buy everything in that shade (namely a pair of leather espadrilles that…Continue Reading “Winter In Pink”

Frank Sinatra – We’ll Gather Lilacs I’m off to London today! I’ll be there for five days, exploring the city, the museums (art nerd, as I am) and making a little detour to Brighton. The blog won’t be quiet though. As I’m snapping away in London town, waiting to bring you my city guide, my emotions and pictures of what I eat, the blog will be living its own life with a few scheduled posts, this being the first. So you’ll have an outfit post,…Continue Reading “Walk Together Down An English Lane”

You might have already spotted this outfit from my Brussels travel guide, but as we were too busy eating waffles and learning about the European Parliament, I came home with no outfit photos. So I wore the same look yesterday and headed to the botanical garden instead, which resulted in photos looking like they’re taken in some exotic jungle.  The outfit itself is pretty grey, in contrast to the lush greenery around me. Of all the eight things I packed to Brussels, at least four…Continue Reading “To the Jungle”

I went on a mini shopping spree in H&M last Saturday. Looking for a grey shirt, I also found this pretty minimalistic necklace. It was on sale and the last one and matched so well with my soon-to-be new shirt that I couldn’t just leave it there. Of course I had to wear them almost instantly and came up with the easiest option – black trousers and a blazer. To show this Monday who’s really the boss I went for leather trousers and heels. To…Continue Reading “Blazer It”

I live in Tartu, which is the second largest city in Estonia. Sadly, most fashion events are in Tallinn, so when there’s something here in Tartu, I try to attend. Last Friday was one of the biggest shopping/fashion events in a local shopping mall. Even though I really dislike mall fashion shows, because the styling is usually awful and no one in their right mind would wear outfits as tacky and outrageous as those, I decided to go. At least it gave me a chance…Continue Reading “Addicted To”

Locations are so important to me, when I take outfit photos for the blog and I totally envy those bloggers who look great against a concrete wall in every weather. That’s a useful skill, guys! Hence, I always try to think of unique places to shoot at, but I can’t seem to find those in Tartu or when it’s a nice place, my outfit doesn’t match the ambiance. Am I being too picky or are you as delicate about blog pictures as I am? You…Continue Reading “Bellissima”

It really feels like spring these days. Let’s just hope that it stays like that, I am definitely over the windy non-spring. Why? If it isn’t obvious, then I want to continue wearing my floral dresses and maybe ditch the sweater and opaques the next time.  This floral darling came with me from Barcelona. I was actually on the verge of getting a more girlie, less sixties, slightly less floral dress from Stradivarius, but when I saw this one at Zara I instantly changed my…Continue Reading “Spring Blooms and Neon Lips”

Lately I’ve had this thing where I wear the same outfit for not only two days in a row, but a straight week. Yep, the fashion gods just fainted. I kind of pick out an article of clothing from my wardrobe and suddenly start liking it so much that nothing else even exists. Last week it was my basic grey dress, this week it’s this navy combo.  That navy buttoned up skirt that I found at a flea market in September is the perfect am-I-Alexa-Chung-yet…Continue Reading “Navy blue takeover”

Ho-ho-ho and some belated Christmas wishes from me to you. Although, technically it’s also Christmas tomorrow, so there’s still plenty to celebrate. Go eat that last piece of cake, watch “Love Actually” just one more time or groove to Buble’s sultry swing.  Anyway, I wanted to celebrate here on the blog with a bit of a more special post. For that I turned to my new H&M jumpsuit, which was a hit at my institute’s Christmas party. That sassy bondgirlish jumpsuit was so perfect for…Continue Reading “Jumping to New Year”

Sometimes I feel that the most simple everyday outfits that I wear don’t deserve to be on the blog, because they’re not “special” enough. They’re boring to me, so probably they’re boring to you too. However, in spring I got a comment from someone who wanted just that – more everyday things, more simple things, less fuss.  So here you have it, something pretty boring! When days are spent at the library, nose in book/computer screen, I don’t (usually) dress up in a skirt and…Continue Reading “No fuss”