Last outfit post of the year is here! Right before Christmas, I had a little get together with my old friends and asked my now retired blog photographer/still best friend Getter to take these few snaps.  I tried to dress in a kind of festive, but still casual outfit and got a chance to wear this dress that I bought in autumn. The pattern is so pretty, so opulent and autumn-like and dressing it for winter was a bit of a challenge. But I think…Continue Reading “Winter florals (and a few attacking doves)”

I’ve been over my head in schoolwork lately, crossing things off my to-do list one by one and blogging has taken a backseat. Now I decided to take a break from all the analysing and reading and reward myself with blogging. Not chocolate, tea or a walk, but blogging! I’m starting with my fashion week outfits! This is from day two and probably my favourite one. I adore this hyper warm and soft sweater from Lindex and knew that I can glam it up somehow…Continue Reading “Jazz it up for fashion week”

I’ve settled in Tartu for almost a week now, but still had this one last Tallinn outfit left to share. It was a lovely sunny day that I spent roaming around a flea market and then at the art museum with my sister. Kind of to properly say goodbye, I felt that I needed to really do stuff and not sit at home.  I’ve been meaning to wear this outfit for a while (actually it was on Instagram some time ago) and the combination of…Continue Reading “Museum date”

You’ve already seen this dress in a more “it’s so cold, but I’m going to pretend it’s not” spring outfit here, but this time, when invited to see Baltika Group’s fall/winter fashion show, I remember this beauty and its amazing back cut-out. So it got a nice little summer-moment with only black pumps and a masculine watch as accessories, nicely photographed for the archives of Bowtie Diary by my mother. Also, I have to mention once again that a dress that has pockets is an…Continue Reading “Another side of summer sun”

Tallinn can’t really brag with any pretty beaches, but for what it’s worth, I’m happy with what we have. Having the privilege to hop on my bike, ride for 10 minutes and end up at the seaside is something I don’t want to take for granted.  Another thing I like is cycling on the streets of Tallinn at night. There’s very little cars, so I’m brave enough to ditch the sidewalk and get on the real street and then speed through intersections with the traffic…Continue Reading “B as in beach”

Give me a motorcycle and a full sleeve of tattoos, I’m going to join the Hell’s Angels now. Well, not really, but this outfit is still quite “not me”. I’d considered leather trousers something that only someone who listens to Korn or SOAD, wear combat boots and has chains hanging from every place imaginable would wear, but hey, people change. Here I am now, still a mayor pop-babe, but with leather involved. To cross even more imaginary borders, the ever-graceful Audrey is now rocking tattoos…Continue Reading “Rebel Audrey”

As promised, here are the pictures of my outfit from Tuesday. Recently (for about a year or so), I can’t get enough of gray shirts and this one is one of my favourites. Simple, but with a statement. Also, very fitting considering the crowd, which included (apart from the coolest bloggers) a few of the Estonian it-girls too! Of course, plain Ts go with everything and I chose to wear it with a recent ASOS sale-splurge. Leather is also something I’ve grown to like and…Continue Reading “Crème de la crème”

For the Foxes – Running Back To You One of the best things of being back at home for a few days, besides the family and the food of course, is that I can borrow clothes form my sister and mom. I used to do it quite a lot, when I was still living at home, but now, when my own wardrobe doesn’t provide that much excitement, I’m still stuck with it. Today my little sis let me wear her cute fox sweater, which I’ve…Continue Reading “For the foxes”

Arctic Monkeys- Knee Socks I’m immersed in the whole November thing. Somehow it’s always one of the busiest months in the year and time just seems to slip away. It’s also getting dark super early, which is always so difficult to get used to. I’ve lived here for 19 years, you’d think that it’s becoming a routine, but no, it comes very suddenly every year.  Naturally all this gloom reflects in my outfits. I’ve worn an all black outfit for two days in a row,…Continue Reading “Cut through the gloom”

Hello, rainy and dreary Tallinn. On Monday, just before hopping on a bus back to Tartu, I met up with Sandra from the blog Sandrelle. We first met in September and we’ve been planning a new gettogether ever since and finally got round to it. In true blogger spirit we started off by taking pictures of each other’s clothes (what else?) and then spent a cultural afternoon at the David LaChapelle x Happy Socks exhibition.  When I go home from uni, I always wear the…Continue Reading “Casual Monday”