I’m not one to jump on every trend bandwagon as they come around, which is why I’m only now discovering the joys of nineties style dressing. When the Asos sale came around, I gathered the courage to buy my first pair of mom jeans and I haven’t looked back since. Saying that, I’m probably just as excited as the whole office of Vogue to see what’s going to be the next best thing to come out of the last millennium that Instagram will hype about….Continue Reading “Welcome To The Nineties”

If there’s a time for making promises, improvements and putting together a plan, it’s the beginning of a new year and even though I try to keep from promising too much (putting pressure on myself for not keeping said promises, no thanks!), I do want to try and refine my style this year. I’m talking about finding some perfect basics – much like this woolly coat – to build my wardrobe around and develop a sort of personal style. Hopefully this means more thoroughly considered…Continue Reading “White As Snow”

One way or another, snow comes as a surprise every year. One day we’re enjoying the golden leaves of early November, the next day the whole country is knee-deep in snow, noses freezing and cars acting up. However, for the first time since I’ve been responsible for dressing myself, I feel like I’m prepared. Introducing: the winter coat of dreams, covering me with woolly goodness in sub-zero temperatures. Not pictured: the fleecy lining covering this on the inside. Literally, this coat feels like wearing a…Continue Reading “The Coat Of Dreams”

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about my new dress, perfect for the transitional in between weather of early spring and probably ideal for a summer’s barbecue (the A-line cut hides all burger bellies!) and some festival dancing too. With some obligatory shorts underneath, though, because my towering 172 cm makes wearing the tunic-like dress too risky, especially if there’s a sneaky spring breeze in the air.  The dress is the star here, but I did also…Continue Reading “Dressing Up For Spring”

Everything about the spring sun makes me want to ditch the coats and gloves and replace them with ruffled blouses and open-toe shoes, but alas, the weather seems to have another understanding of spring and keeps greeting us with freezing temperatures and even a snowstorm here and there. To still have an outlet for my playful side, I turned to the dungarees and embraced toddler dressing to its fullest. These denim overalls have unjustly taken a backseat in my closet after last years blogger’s market,…Continue Reading “Denim Overalls And Spring Talks”

Every August I develop a strong fancy towards full length skirts. Maybe because it’s chillier outside and my pins need a bit of coverage, maybe it’s because I’m tired of wearing all the short skirts (yeah, right, like that’s possible!) and need something a bit more ladylike. Whatever the reason behind my late summer’s love for long skirts, I was pretty damn happy that this monochrome gem of a package arrived just before my last few days in Tallinn. Sometimes when ordering things off the…Continue Reading “August Feels”

You’ve probably seen this kind of denim dresses around for months now and I predict that they won’t be going anywhere, partly kudos to Miss Chung’s kick-ass and ultra-covetable denim collection, partly because of the mega-revival of all things seventies. You can bet that my search for the perfect button-up denim dress started on the exact moment I laid my eyes on the ACxAG lookbook. Finding the perfect pieces on a limited budget is a challenge, but not when you have a sister like mine! …Continue Reading “How I Found The Perfect Denim Dress… For Less!”

When is a lot of floral print actually too much? Never? Always? In this outfit? I’m not usually that brave with prints, especially all over prints and I like to balance something printed with something plain, just to be sure that I avoid some long stares on the street. However, this jumpsuit that caught my eye in one of London’s New Look stores really pushed these boundaries for me. To hell with comfort-zone-Piia, why don’t I throw in a crazy pair of shoes too! To…Continue Reading “Out Of My Comfort Zone”

My favourite festival (read: the only one I’ve been to) is this weekend and boy am I ready to dance on a field, eat trashy food and meet a few of my favourite indie bands. And almost ready to camp for three nights. It’s so close that I can feel us reaching our hands towards each other, fingertips almost touching, Tom Odell playing on the background. I’ve got that festival feeling in me and it’s slightly affecting my outfit choices too, but since the weather…Continue Reading “Festival Fashion Ahead”

Work is best when I get to chill out at Tallinn’s most popular festival with a workmate who just happens to take gorgeous photos. Then there’s the pretty sunset and some nice music to go with it. For example, that night I had to stay until the Placebo concert to write a bit about it the next day. Work-schmirk, I tell you. Since I don’t trust summer nights, weather wise, (Otherwise too, actually. They have that magical and mischievous aura and you never know what…Continue Reading “Summer Night (Work Outfit)”