My family adopted a cat earlier this summer and I, definitely unintentionally, turned into a cat lady. Now I can’t start my day without petting her, I keep sending pictures of my cat to my friends more than probably is socially acceptable (imagine if I had Snapchat!) and apparently, go around wearing cat-printed clothes. To be fair, I had the dress before the cat, but now I feel oh-so-worthy to wear this gorgeous (and very prominent) dress, like I’ve earned the right to by having…Continue Reading “Cat Lady Uniform”

When is a lot of floral print actually too much? Never? Always? In this outfit? I’m not usually that brave with prints, especially all over prints and I like to balance something printed with something plain, just to be sure that I avoid some long stares on the street. However, this jumpsuit that caught my eye in one of London’s New Look stores really pushed these boundaries for me. To hell with comfort-zone-Piia, why don’t I throw in a crazy pair of shoes too! To…Continue Reading “Out Of My Comfort Zone”

I’ve had this outfit in my head for about half a year, from when I binge-bought this Seventies-inspired jumpsuit from H&M for only 7 euros, packed it in my Barcelona suitcase and almost froze while wearing it in the Mediterranean winter. Summer’s here, so it means I can bring out the jumpsuit in its full glory and how it’s meant to be worn, bare legs and all. I even went a bit bold with the patterns and mixed this printed jumpsuit with leopard-print flats. To…Continue Reading “Earth Tones”

I’d like to think that these shots are like something out of a dreamy 80s indie-film, when in reality it’s (just) my life and two summer days in Tartu, visiting my boyfriend. He’s got a bit more advanced old film camera than I do and last summer two of his films didn’t turn out that well, so we made this one count and snapped away the whole day. It was a lazy beach day, then a little cafe date and then sunset on another little…Continue Reading “Summer On Film”

Last days at festivals are always so bittersweet. On one hand I want to take it all in as much as possible, yet my thoughts are with my bed at home already. This year it also meant hat day, because however gross it sounds, I didn’t bother with the 2-hour shower queues. Line-up wise, this day was the most boring. One of the best artists was Swedish Elliphant, who was on at two in the afternoon and only did five songs, of which I caught…Continue Reading “Festival Memories”

More flower crowns and more smiles from Positivus day two. I swear the smile only wore off for a second at Charli XCX’s show when we tried to get to the front, but it was so damn crowded and I got so claustrophobic that I burst into tears. But don’t worry, once we were at a safe distance, I was totally okay and dancing my ass off to all that girl power! She was the best gig of the day, who, for some reason had…Continue Reading “Positivus Smiles”

… happiness in my heart and a spring in my step, which can all only mean one thing – Positivus Festival day one! I was incredibly lucky this year to go as a media representative, which meant that in addition to the massive perks of the media tent (WiFi, loading stations, a hotel-worthy breakfast and the occasional free drinks) I also had a photographer with me. Marianne agreed to photograph my outfit every day too, so thanks to her I can bring you magic and…Continue Reading “Flowers In My Hair”

Work is best when I get to chill out at Tallinn’s most popular festival with a workmate who just happens to take gorgeous photos. Then there’s the pretty sunset and some nice music to go with it. For example, that night I had to stay until the Placebo concert to write a bit about it the next day. Work-schmirk, I tell you. Since I don’t trust summer nights, weather wise, (Otherwise too, actually. They have that magical and mischievous aura and you never know what…Continue Reading “Summer Night (Work Outfit)”

Maybe you noticed the little geometric gold-and-silver (fake) tattoos gracing my wrists in my last post? Well, these are the hottest accessory of this summer and I’ve been given the change to give each and every one of you a set of pretty flash tattoos. You heard right, everyone’s a winner here!  All you have to do to take these babies home is register with Style Moi HERE, cover the international shipping fee and then anxiously wait for them to arrive, so you can strut…Continue Reading “Golden Tattoo Giveaway”

It seems that after a whole month (and more!) of waiting, summer has finally arrived to my corner of the world! So last weekend, when my boyfriend and I visited his home town, which is also the summer capital of Estonia, I insisted on heading to the beach just to feel the sand under my feet and dip my toes in the sea. And I have definite beach plans for this weekend too, after all, my new bikini needs to be tested and paraded in!…Continue Reading “Beach Dates and Dresses”