Every day I realise more and more why spring is my favourite season. It’s not only because I have my birthday in April, but it’s the smell of fresh air after a long winter, it’s the green grass after a few April showers, it’s the first blossoms and pretty blooms in the parks, it’s the sunshine that allows you to take the coat off and it’s the carefree vibe that makes me procrastinate everything I have to do. So I’ll keep this post short and…Continue Reading “First Blossoms”

I went on a mini shopping spree in H&M last Saturday. Looking for a grey shirt, I also found this pretty minimalistic necklace. It was on sale and the last one and matched so well with my soon-to-be new shirt that I couldn’t just leave it there. Of course I had to wear them almost instantly and came up with the easiest option – black trousers and a blazer. To show this Monday who’s really the boss I went for leather trousers and heels. To…Continue Reading “Blazer It”

Locations are so important to me, when I take outfit photos for the blog and I totally envy those bloggers who look great against a concrete wall in every weather. That’s a useful skill, guys! Hence, I always try to think of unique places to shoot at, but I can’t seem to find those in Tartu or when it’s a nice place, my outfit doesn’t match the ambiance. Am I being too picky or are you as delicate about blog pictures as I am? You…Continue Reading “Bellissima”

It really feels like spring these days. Let’s just hope that it stays like that, I am definitely over the windy non-spring. Why? If it isn’t obvious, then I want to continue wearing my floral dresses and maybe ditch the sweater and opaques the next time.  This floral darling came with me from Barcelona. I was actually on the verge of getting a more girlie, less sixties, slightly less floral dress from Stradivarius, but when I saw this one at Zara I instantly changed my…Continue Reading “Spring Blooms and Neon Lips”

It really does feel like spring is here. This of course means that my sunglasses come out and the coats and boots go back to the closet for half a year. Spring is by far my favourite season (also my birthday season) and I can’t wait for the warmer days in April and May. Though I must say, that I can’t complain about the amount of sunshine we’ve had. Vitamin D overdose, here I come! As for the outfit, I’m pretty sure that’s the last…Continue Reading “Let the Sun Shine”

Don’t you just hate it when you shop for summer clothes in February and then end up not getting to wear them for another 3 months? That’s exactly the thing with this Style Moi skirt. Luckily yesterday was a super bright sunny day, so a floral skirt and bright pink lips were a must. Sadly, the skirt’s off to sit in the closet now, as it’s madly snowing today. Kept the pink lips though, as a sign of hope.  See on nii vastik tunne, kui…Continue Reading “Cherry Blossom”

Hola, from cold and snowy Estonia! I’m back from Barcelona and so ready to post about everything and anything I did and saw. I wasn’t massively impressed with the city, because to tell you the truth, it’s not as carefree and colourful as the postcards make you believe. Shocking, right?  Leaving the not-so-good things aside, I still feel that I got a much-needed break. Going to a slightly warmer climate for a week and getting a taste of spring was absolutely priceless. Not to mention…Continue Reading “Breezy Barcelona”

I’ve been enjoying a little “summer vacay” at Pärnu, celebrating midsummer day and generally doing nothing besides hanging out with the boyfriend and taking in the fact that there’s no schoolwork. Good times! These pinstripe trousers might be a bit too office-y and formal for a city like Pärnu (summer capital, resort-town, overall chill-out vibe), but they’re too soft and nice not to be worn with those questionable temperatures we have now. I picked them up a few weeks ago at the H&M sale section…Continue Reading “Pinstripe pier”

You’d think that this is a set of pictures taken a few months ago, then accidentally forgotten in a folder somewhere and now miraculously found. It would also only be logical, that on the 20th of June, people are walking around Tartu in sundresses and enjoying the summer. Nope. This was in April, the pictures below are from today. What’s going on, upside-down-weather? Anyway, this was my last day in Tartu, I’d packed up my whole life and sent half of it to Tallinn with…Continue Reading “Changing cities”

Everything in Tartu is in full bloom and whenever I walk somewhere I stop to smell the lilacs, the roses, the-whatever-flowers-are-on-my way, I just can’t say no to all the nice smells and pretty colours. Walking around like a hound, constantly giving my nose some smell to take up is just part of who I am. Of course, those pretty bushes and floral trees give a perfect backdrop for a very late outfit post too (I’m sorry, school and exams and blah-blah).  Summer’s back and…Continue Reading “In bloom”