As I already proclaimed on Instagram, my love for lilacs will never die and for a flower nerd like me, this time of the year is just perfect. Nothing beats walking around town, in the calming early summer’s twilight and taking in all the amazing floral smells. Sounds like a fairytale waiting to happen, with birds chirping in the background and a fairy godmother slyly waving her wand somewhere around the corner.  I did manage to perform some magic on my dress, though. Not only…Continue Reading “In Bloom”

I’m not much of a shopper lately (working in retail just makes you bored of new and exciting arrivals), but this sweater was one of my spring must haves. I think I first spotted this dreamy combo of pastel, stripes and dainty little crystals online, then went to try it on and left the store to ponder for a few days. After a few more fitting rounds, some changing room selfies and a markdown, I kindly asked my mom to surprise me with it for…Continue Reading “Manor House Magic”

All those Instagram pictures of blossoming trees and blue skies can only mean one thing – spring is truly here. Before it unexpectedly turns into summer with its dreamy sunset shots and endless beaches (#hotdogsorlegs anyone?), I decided to gather a few of my favourite bits together and have a little chat about recent beauty favourites, some fashion finds and a few not so materialistic faves too. ______________ Kõik need Instagrami pildid õide puhkenud puudest ja helesinistest taevalaotustest saavad tähendada ainult üht – kevad on…Continue Reading “Some Spring Favourites”

Spring sun, yet another successful bloggers flea market an a pastel coloured wall have all put a bright big smile on my face this last weekend. Of course, as I’m typing this, it’s raining so heavily outside that I feel like I’m in an odd flashback to the Netherlands, forever trying to figure out what to wear. I guess I’ve got so used to spring dressing, saying goodbye to big scarves and actually not being cold without a jacket, that some April showers are leaving…Continue Reading “Wallflower”

I love early spring so much. Not just because it’s my birthday today, but the days spreading longer and lighter, seeing people enjoying themselves in outdoor cafes on the first really warm days (also today, yay), first daffodils and tulips showing their heads after a long winter – it all hold a certain hope. The specific smells of early spring and warm rays of sun are so powerful in a way that I can’t help but walk around with a silly smile. Especially on my…Continue Reading “Birthday Girl”

Everything ruffled, flouncy, girlie and cute is all the rage among this spring’s trends, especially if it also happens to be pastel coloured. I’ve had a slight love affair with ruffled hems for quite some time now, but a recent visit to H&M (solely to kill some time) added a lot of spark to that relationship. I left empty handed, mainly because I’m trying to spend less (aren’t we always) and buying all the ruffled tops just doesn’t fit with that plan, but also, because…Continue Reading ““Give Me all the Ruffles” Spring wishlist”

I’m unsure if it’s the cold winter wind or my poor habits of drinking milk, but come winter (or any other season for that matter) and my nails turn into a brittle mess, which usually results in me cutting everything off and just going with it. However, lately I was introduced to Ciaté’s brilliantly adorable (and equally good for you!) nail care products and I realised that there’s more than pretty bows to their products, so now they have a proud place on top of…Continue Reading “Winter Nail Care And Pretty Bows With Ciaté”

You might have already spotted this outfit from my Brussels travel guide, but as we were too busy eating waffles and learning about the European Parliament, I came home with no outfit photos. So I wore the same look yesterday and headed to the botanical garden instead, which resulted in photos looking like they’re taken in some exotic jungle.  The outfit itself is pretty grey, in contrast to the lush greenery around me. Of all the eight things I packed to Brussels, at least four…Continue Reading “To the Jungle”

Those pictures were taken on a particularly summery day a few weeks back and since then we’ve survived some pretty gross times, but now it seems that summer’s starting to show its face again. Also, slowly, but surely, all of my Barcelona shopping from way back in February is making its appearance on the blog. I think there’s just one necklace and a skirt that you haven’t properly seen yet! This skirt is one of the things that took up space in my cabin luggage…Continue Reading “Early Summer’s Hue”

A quick outfit post to you! And by quick I mean less talk, more pictures (although at the beginning of a post I never know how long the ramble might go on for), because that essay about Renaissance won’t write itself. I wore this out on a little date night last Friday – casual enough for dinner, fancy enough for dessert and a few drinks afterwards. I got this flouncy crop top at Mango from Barcelona and it’s easily one of my favourite pieces in…Continue Reading “Date Night”