I briefly mentioned a miracle-worker called Checca in my last post and  now it’s time for one of you to win it! For those of you, who need a bit of encouragement and introduction, then Checca waist warmers are the perfect winter accessory/little helper. You  can wear it under your clothes or just peeking out, like I did. Either way, you can be sure that it’ll keep all your important parts warm and protected from the cold.  How to win, I hear you ask? All…Continue Reading “Checca waist warmer giveaway!”

The Neighbourhood – Staying Up Full on university life going on these days (read: nothing even remotely interesting happening). My days are starting to become a routine of “eat, sleep, study, repeat” with the backdrop of grey skies and rain. Not the most inspirational of settings, to be honest.  Yesterday, after taking these pictures, we ended up taking a little walk around my incredibly beautiful neighbourhood, which was the exact amount of battery-reloading I needed. Some fresh air and cute little houses are my break…Continue Reading “The Neighbourhood”

Happy-happy New Year!  I’ve been mad about sequins lately and they are only ever-so-appropriate for the first post of the year. I knew that I wanted to wear something ridiculously sparkly and when I found this skirt, I immediately felt it was the one. I know that I looked a bit like a disco ball exploded on me, but with a basic T and a rad necklace, it’s all OK. Overly sparkling is the way to go on New Year’s Eve anyway, right? I spent…Continue Reading “Start of something new”

I think I might have a British soul inside, because this rainy Christmas isn’t bothering me one bit – it’s way better than pinching cold and icy pavements. I just drown myself in that amazingly warm coat from New Yorker and drink endless cups of tea. Perfect balance for warmth inside and out.  I’ve been such a lazy dresser lately and the fact that throwing on this coat is so simple isn’t helping either, it’s liek I don’t need anything else. Today I even made…Continue Reading “Warm and fuzzy”

Lately I’ve been feeling extra Christmas-y, even without the snow and all I can think of is the 24th of December – spending time with my family, eating delicious food and opening presents under the tree. I’m yet to do my Christmas shopping for family and friends, but I do have a present ready for one of my lovely followers! Rosegal is a really cute vintage-y shop and they are offering one Bowtie Diary follower the chance to spend 20$ at their shop. Since the…Continue Reading “Christmas giveaway with Rosegal!”

Yesterday was a day I’d been planning for months and anticipating even more. I hosted a bloggers’ flea market at cafe Sinilind together with I AM Photographer! Estonia’s most influential bloggers got to clean out their closet and sell the goodies just before Christmas time, there was also a make-up booth and of course all the lovely people who came to visit. I could not have asked for a better day, so here’s a massive thank you to everyone who made the event possible! Thoughts…Continue Reading “Bloggers’ flea and news!”

London Grammar – Strong My first semester at university is slowly coming to an end and schoolwork is quietly growing over my head and all deadlines arriving at the same time. Luckily there are a few nice things and lots of nice people to keep me sane. We have snow and the most magical Christmas lights around Tartu. I received this darling skirt from Persunmall, which makes dressing for long days at the library so much more fun. Even though it’s cold, I like it,…Continue Reading “The season to be sentimental”

I seem to have developed a mild obsession with wristwatches. Just a year ago, I only owned one – a simple and classic everyday watch. Now I have 5. There’s the cool golden electronic one I got as a graduation gift. Also the white-and-floral may 28th beauty. Then I recently bought a simple watch with a black leather strap. The twist here is that it looks like a kitten, with ears, whiskers and everything.  This Born Pretty braided vintage-looking wristwatch is just the perfect addition…Continue Reading “Watch out!”

Hurts- Better Than Love When you go to your favourite band’s concert, it really can’t be anything but perfect. Hurts blew me away, once again and I feel that there aren’t enough words to describe the millions of emotions. I had the perfect red lace dress from Choies to stand there in the crowd, hold hands with my best friend, watch in awe and share a few looks in silence. Of course, I had a smile on my face the whole night, it really was…Continue Reading “Happiness In Exile”

You know how I love basics, but to me, every basic is even better, when it has a little twist. And those intricate lace sleeves on this seemingly plain Oasap sweatshirt are just that twist. Finally, a piece of clothing that I won’t have to DIY to pimp it a bit.  I went to visit my best friend in Viljandi and we spent the prettiest autumn day exploring the castle ruins and the cafes and I’m already looking forward to good times spent with this…Continue Reading “I wear my lace on my sleeve”