When Style Moi asked me to put together a New Year’s wishlist, I was quite happy actually. When the wallet isn’t really thick enough to buy a whole new wardrobe, some good old new-age window-shopping comes in handy. And so it happened that in this not-so-winter-wonderland going on outside, I started to dream of blossoming trees in spring and equally nice skirts to twirl around in, summer festivals in rad T-shirts and ethereal dresses, the perfect date outfits for numerous picnics… And Ryan Gosling.  Scroll…Continue Reading “New year, new wardrobe?”

For the past few days it’s been freezing, but it’s also been very beautiful. These pictures were taken yesterday, when the frosty trees in the park looked like an entrance to a magical forest. Today, it’s also sunny, so the frost is like a natural glittery sequined backdrop to life. Can’t complain. I also can’t complain about the cold. With only a few wears, this new coat of mine from Style Moi has proved to be a staple for this winter. Firstly, it has a…Continue Reading “Magic forest”

It’s the first day of December and I’m already as anti-Grinch as I can be. Room decorated with Christmas lights, scented candles burning and eating gingerbread cookies. To top it all, last week I received a package from Style Moi that had the most perfect festive accessory in it – that filigree reindeer necklace. It’s so incredibly delicate and pretty that I might just wear it every day until Christmas. Plus it goes perfectly with my favourite collared shirt, probably all other collared shirts and my…Continue Reading “Festive spirit”

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of being treated to a four-step hair treatment with Joico products at Salon+.  Judging by the before and after pictures, help was much needed. After that, all I could do, was touch my hair. They were so silky!  Eelmisel kolmapäeval oli mul võimalus käia Tartu Salon+’is ja kostitada end ja oma juukseid ühe mõnusa talve-eelse hooldusega. Joico neljaastmeline hooldus algas sügapuhastava šampooniga pesuga, et saada juustest välja kõik mustus, juuksehooldustoodete jäägid ja näiteks tänavatolm. Seejärel kandis juuksur peale juuste ph…Continue Reading “Hair care with Salon+”

Remember this gorgeous backpack from my last post? Well, this is my MÄRSS – a stunning one-of-a-kind creation made of vegan leather. I’d always thought that I’m not a backpack kind of girl, but after laying eyes on the unique MÄRSS bags and then getting to try one, I was sold! For about three weeks now, this bag has travelled with me to corners of Estonia and I’m so not tired of it yet.  It fits everything I need for a long weekend and that…Continue Reading “Meet my MÄRSS”

Today I paid a visit to Lumene’s office and after a little while, left with big gift bags full of every make up product imaginable. Who’s not familiar, Lumene is a Finnish skincare brand, whose products are 80% organic. Whether it’s blueberries, cloudberries or arctic minerals, their tubes and pots are filled with natural goodness.  So after coming home with a stash of you-name-it, I made myself a promise to make my make-up-routine something a bit more than just moisturiser and mascara. I’m all up…Continue Reading “Christmas in August”

Apologies for being a lazy blogger recently. Time seems to slip through my hands. One day I think I have over a month until my exam period starts and now it’s already May and in addition to the fastly nearing exams, I have so much other schoolwork too. So, inspired by the hardships of every student’s life, I decided to make a collage of the essentials of surviving the exam period. Okay, not essentials, those would be pen, paper, computer, but the more fashionable items…Continue Reading “How to handle exam stress (or not go completely crazy)?”

I have to be honest with you, I didn’t actually go anywhere in this outfit. I might wear it to a party next week, but this time it was just for a little walk and pictures. I’ve read articles about blog readers being mad about bloggers dressing up for no reason and bloggers losing credit for not being “believable”, but come on, who even actually cares? I know I don’t and if I get to stroll around Tartu in a pretty dress, I’m a happy girl….Continue Reading “Flowers for no reason”

Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum Today was another one of those lovely spring days, with the sun shining in from my window the better half of the day and making everything nicer. What I did to celebrate all this extraordinaryness? Went to eat ice cream of course!  I spent the morning lazily on bed, with a cup of coffee and Alexa Chung’s “It”. I’ve been devouring the book like it’s melt-in-your-mouth brownie. I’m starting to get the idea that when I grow up, I want…Continue Reading “When did you last wear your denim shorts?”

For the Foxes – Running Back To You One of the best things of being back at home for a few days, besides the family and the food of course, is that I can borrow clothes form my sister and mom. I used to do it quite a lot, when I was still living at home, but now, when my own wardrobe doesn’t provide that much excitement, I’m still stuck with it. Today my little sis let me wear her cute fox sweater, which I’ve…Continue Reading “For the foxes”