This is probably the comfiest outfit that you’ll ever see on the blog- jeans and a sweatshirt. I went thrift shopping on Tuesday and found this cool GAP sweatshirt and of course I had to wear it immediately! I also bought 2 sweaters to protect me from the cold, among other things. Also, since I decided that my blue jeans are oh-so-boring, I pumped them up a bit. A few hours of sewing pearls and sequins and voila– I like my jeans again and want…Continue Reading “Welcome, weekend”

Scissor Sisters- Skin This Cat Yes, this is me, wearing leopard print. When I found this dress at a thrift store, I was so happy. First, it was that leopard print piece of clothing I had searched for. You know, not all over the place, but just a little hint of it. Secondly, it’s the perfect dress. It has a collar, pockets, sleeves, high waistline, basically everything a great dress should have, in my opinion. I decided not to make a big fuss of the…Continue Reading “This kitten has a lion’s roar”

Today is one of the last days of my fall break, which means school on Monday, boo. Getter and I spent the day playing pool, which has become our new favourite pastime. I decided to wear my new sweater , which is perfectly soft and has the exact right shape. The only thing about it.. when I was in the shop, I was pretty sure that it’s gray, but at home I discovered that it’s actually green. Which is not at all a bad thing,…Continue Reading “Wasteland”

Congratulate me on an outfit post. Next week my blog turns one year old, so I have a little something planned :) Meanwhile you can check out a giveaway on my best friend Getter’s photo blog HERE. meet the newest addition to my wardrobe. this si a suede blazer. a lovely alternative for cardigans. unfortunately it doesn’t help on the colour problem, but I’ll just keep on wearing my rings.   vero moda cutoff jeans, new thrifted suede blazer, DIY fake Chanel top, DIY ring…Continue Reading “rockets kiss the sky”

 I am such a lazy blogger, so I suggest you follow me on Twitter, it seems that I post much more stuff in there. But I’ll try to keep up with blogging too, I promise. Our only plan was to do a lot of thrift shopping and I can say that I succeeded . I got 3 skirts, 2 tops and tights. A black maxi skirt, black short skirt, brown almost-maxi skirt with buttons, one-shoulder  floral summer top, navy shirt with golden buttons and white…Continue Reading “I wish I had summer, Italy , a Vespa and the sixites”

Another day off school, well technically school is over, just exams and consultations. I planned to go to the beach today to study, but there is no sun. But I’ll go anyway at least it is warm. This is what I’m going to wear today. It is my new green romper, that I got from I also made a new pair of earrings, just like the ones on my blog header, but with a green bowtie. How original, right :) Green romper-, wedges-thrifted,…Continue Reading “Frankie says Relax”

So, my weekend. Friday I went shopping, as planned, but Grete came with me. We went to some second-hands, but I got tired quickly. I got a pink skirt that I need to make shorter and some chain for DIY and some postcards. On Saturday I went to Latvia. The weather was great and the old town beautiful. But unfortunately I got nothing, only one postcard. I tried a pair of cool shoes , but they didn’t have my size. But I found myself a…Continue Reading “My lomo doesn’t take pictures.”