I remember my first time at a secodn hand shop – one of my school friends took me to a shop she’d been to with her mom and we killed some time before her dance lesson. As a result, I bought a slightly cropped red-and-white roll neck jumper, which seemed to be the coolest thing ever, consider I was about 12 and had just spent a considerable amount of my pocket money on something that was my very own. That friend showed me loads more,…Continue Reading “Your Guide To All the Vintage In Tartu”

I feel like I’ve gone to a deep sleep sometime in October and woken up mid-December, with Christmas on my mind and a thick blanket of snow covering the country as far as the eye can see. Although I’ve always considered autumn to be my least favourite season, then the first snowy days really made me miss the crisp (snowless) mornings, the somehow cosy colours of fallen leaves and the possibility of just about getting away with wearing a leather jacket.  My next posts will…Continue Reading “Remember Autumn?”

With all the holiday posts going up here on my blog, you could almost forget the reality of falling leaves, finger-freezing-temperatures and the wailing wind outside. So, with a cup of tea in hand (I hope you have one too), I’m taking a break from 30degree Italy and taking you straight to 10degree Estonia where summer dresses are replaced by sweaters and afternoon Spritz’s with take-away chilli cappuccinos.  Naturally, as it’s got colder, I’ve taken my sweaters out of the closet more and more and…Continue Reading “A Welcome Break”

Festival nostalgia is still very much with me, so what better time to introduce you to my outfit from Positivus 2016 day 3. A few days before the festival I went on a four-hour-long second hand shopping spree and one of my lucky finds was this floral dress, perfect for festivals and summer days alike. Of course, as the day wasn’t too summery and waking up to the sound of our tent’s walls shaking in the wind wasn’t too promising, I went for the jeans-under-dress…Continue Reading “Festival Layering Skills”

As I already proclaimed on Instagram, my love for lilacs will never die and for a flower nerd like me, this time of the year is just perfect. Nothing beats walking around town, in the calming early summer’s twilight and taking in all the amazing floral smells. Sounds like a fairytale waiting to happen, with birds chirping in the background and a fairy godmother slyly waving her wand somewhere around the corner.  I did manage to perform some magic on my dress, though. Not only…Continue Reading “In Bloom”

I am trying really hard to not wear my fedora in every single outfit post. It just seems to perfect everything and give an instant cool filter to every outfit. Instead, here you have just plain hair and a few little twirly plait thingies. I’m actually trying to put more effort into accessories in general, which means wearing something more than just my daily wristwatch and almost as daily fedora hat. Starting from little things, like keeping my nails nice and painted and doing some…Continue Reading “Pale Pink Bow”

Autumn has settled in, almost overnight. It was just last weekend, when I was going on about the trees not turning magically golden and there being a general lack of autumn-ness in The Netherlands. Then on Saturday our group of friends went on a day trip to Antwerp and when we came back, Utrecht had realised that it is indeed October and gone full on autumnal. Though despite it being early October, I could still go without tights on Sunday and enjoy the indian summer…Continue Reading “Indian (Dutch) Summer”

None of the items I’m wearing in this post came to the Netherlands with me in one of my overpacked and/or overweight suitcases. Ok, the shoes did, but I was wearing them and that’s still a pretty big portion of fashion blogger effort put into one outfit, considering the percentage of never before seen clothes in this outfit. Though it might seem like it, I haven’t actually been clothes shopping a lot, I’ve just come across some very great pieces that seem to fit together…Continue Reading “Neutral Metallics”

Last outfit post of the year is here! Right before Christmas, I had a little get together with my old friends and asked my now retired blog photographer/still best friend Getter to take these few snaps.  I tried to dress in a kind of festive, but still casual outfit and got a chance to wear this dress that I bought in autumn. The pattern is so pretty, so opulent and autumn-like and dressing it for winter was a bit of a challenge. But I think…Continue Reading “Winter florals (and a few attacking doves)”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Thrift Shop Usually, when a new item appears on my wishlist – mental, written down or the on on the blog – I don’t go to the shops trying to find that exact item. I prefer to wait for the item to find me. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe it’s meant to be. This coat is a great example of my mentality. Some time ago I kind of got bored of my grey parka and the cape is a bit too fancy…Continue Reading “The story of a coat”