This post was supposed to be about the stunning architecture and gorgeous parks of Paris. I wanted to write how I simply had to wear a striped top and red lips in the French capital, because I’m the biggest lover of all clichés (and the only things missing were a baguette under my arm and a snazzy French beret). I would have mentioned how Paris has that something special that no other city I’ve been to has, the je ne sais quoi that makes visitors…Continue Reading “About Paris”

On a fine Sunday morning, when I enjoying my morning ritual of hot lemon water and a scroll-through on Instagram, I did something daring. I somehow ended up on one of those half-spammy accounts that promise to shoot your follower number into unbelievable heights for just a few dollars. You know, that kind of half-spammy account that has pictures advertising their “service” with a few dozen followers and follows thousands itself.   So I was sitting in the warm embrace of my duvet, half-tucked-in and…Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About… Buying Instagram Followers”

I’m setting all fashion talk aside for now, because the room that I live in here is just too gorgeous not to share. From the first moments, it felt like living in an interior magazine! And the neighbourhood is the cutest too! I guess that for an architecture nerd like myself, Utrecht is a pretty nice place to live at. Actually I’m only staying in this room for a month, because the guy I’m renting it from is on holiday and wants to enjoy his…Continue Reading “Interior Inspiration From My Dutch Home”

You wouldn’t think that someone who posts pictures of themself online several times a week would characterise themself as shy, but that’s the inconvenient truth. The thing is, that I can put on a brave face and talk on camera about my dressing habits, throw a flea market and represent myself as a fashion blogger, but at the end of the day, I’m the shy girl in the corner, desperately looking for some friend to show up, so I wouldn’t have to talk to strangers. …Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About… Shyness”

A while back one of my blogger friends nominated me for the TMI tag. While it’s usually made on video and I even tried to give it a try, it was pushed back an back on my schedule and now I’ve decided to put together two (three actually) posts, so you’d have something to read while I’m in London. To be honest, the video would have probably been about 45 minutes long, considering my habit of rambling. In this not-so-short text post I’ve included some…Continue Reading “16 Random Facts About Me or the TMI Tag”

Just when I thought that the big boob craze is finally starting to pass, I stumbled upon a new one – the big butt craze. I’m amazed and practically speechless. You know how there’s padding in women’s bras to make their breasts look bigger, plumper, rounder and in every other way “appealing”? Turns out, they now make jeans and underwear with the same kind of padding on your bum! I somehow stumbled upon two examples of this new trend two days in a row and…Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About… Fake Butts”

So here’s going with my New Year’s resolutions and bringing more life, more content and more me to this blog. This section will hopefully become a monthly/quarterly corner on Bowtie Diary, where I can just ramble my heart out and share some insignificant, but nice everyday things. Do let me know in the comments’ section what do you think of this kind of this kind of posts! Üritan oma uusaastalubadusi pidada ja tuua siia blogisse rohkem elu, rohkem sisu ja rohkem mind ennast. Sellest postitusest kasvab…Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About…”