alt-J – Breezeblocks Finally a new outfit post! I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. This is the first time for one of my favourite recent purchases to appear on the blog- the plaid jeans. I had had them on my wishlist for months and then I accidentally came across them on an online auction site, had them altered a bit by my mom and poof! Now I’m the owner of a cool pair of jeans. Also, with this outfit I…Continue Reading “Freezeblocks”

One Direction- One Thing Once again there’s been a long pause in my posts, but I’ve been busy with school and waiting for normal weather and well.. other things. Among which is discovering how cool One Direction is. All of my friends think that I’ve gone crazy, but my little sister is very happy about the fact that I’ll voluntarily listen to their songs and watch the video diaries on Youtube. Their songs are just too catchy and their looks too cute. And who could…Continue Reading “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea”

Robbie Williams- Karma Killer   I usually dress in clothes on the more classical and basic side and you can never really go wrong with a blue-jeans-white-shirt kind of vibe, no? Especially when paired with an even more classic piece like a nude trenchcoat. I also tend to spice up my outfits with little fun details. Tn this case, the embellished jeans, black ribbon and that cute crown ring. I also really like it, when my post titles have a meaning behind them. Today I…Continue Reading “Take the crown”

Two Door Cinema Club- Come Back Home (been listening my old favourites lately, listened to this band a lot last spring..) As I told you in my previous post, I visited Helsinki on Thursday with Getter and Kaisa. I think that our main idea was just to enjoy the city and the fact that it’s summer and that school’s over. We visited a flea market, the contemporary art museum Kiasma (which was oh-so-cool) and of course went shopping. At the end of the day, I…Continue Reading “Day trip to Helsinki”

Take That – Shine (Big fan of 80s britpop boybands making a comeback, I’ve been a Robbie Williams fan for as long as I can remember. Really.) On this gloomy Friday (especially gloomy for me since I’ve caught a flu and a fever) I share with you these wonderful pictures taken on Tuesday. It was an open-mic night at my school and the most perfect warm spring weather. The event consisted of amazing singers and musicians, rock-bands, a folk band, stand-up comedy, three rappers and…Continue Reading “Shine”

I don’t really post about music that much, but this band is really worth it. Some time ago I went to Tallinn Music Week to listen to an Estonian newcomer, Tenfold Rabbit. But the band that came on before them, was called Fonovel. I had heard nothing about them before the show, but after their performance, I was too exited about their music to even remember the band’s name. They seemed to be really thankful to all the people who had come to hear them…Continue Reading “F o n o v e l”

Hurts – Illuminated ( video version)    For some time now, I’ve wanted myself a “Carrie-necklace”, but with the writing Illuminated. I finally had the chance as the lovely folks over at Specially for U sent me one. I absolutely love it ! They have a wide variety of different fonts, sizes and materials to choose from, so you can get a necklace that no one else has. Mine is made of white gold, but they also have gold, rose gold and silver. They also…Continue Reading “Sponsor Spotlight : Specially for U”

Muse – Feeling good I’ve wanted to take pictures of this outfit for so long and yesterday was the right day for that. The pictures were taken about an hour before I had my wisdom tooth removed, so right now I’m writing to you looking a bit like a hamster and being able to only eat soft food. But it’s alright. Before that, we went to see “The Iron Lady”. Can’t really say that it’s a movie I would suggest. It was quite depressive and…Continue Reading “Dramatic”

Ewert and the Two Dragons – Pictures Today is our Independence Day, so I waited a few days to post these, because the flags on the background look so beautiful and appropriate for the day. They were actually taken on Wednesday, when it was still kind of spring-like and almost sunny. But I’m not complaining :) About the outfit.. As you can see, I finally found a pair of burgundy jeans and paired with my new denim shirt, they look so cool. Denim shirts tend…Continue Reading “Independence Day”

Since it’s December already, I gave myself the permission to listen to my Christmas song for this year. Last year it was Sinatra, this year.. Hurts. Who else, right? And the video is just lovely, mainly because they smile. But the plot is also sweet and the setting is so cute. Enjoy this video, while I make myself another cup of tea, because I haven’t got my proper voice back yet and then get ready for a weekend at Getter’s. Woohoo !