Getter got her lomo film today. Lots of great pictures, only us two on the whole film. There are pictures from Viljandi and pictures from last week, so I decided to post them in two parts: Viljandi pics, and other pics, because otherwise it would just be a picture-heavy post and I’m more convenient. This way I have material for more posts and there is less boredom for you on my blog. It was warm then, no snow just beautiful autumn leaves.. At ZakZak, the…Continue Reading “when it was autumn…”

So, Getter got her lomo-pictures today. The ones that I told you about, didn’t come out, they were too light. And a lot of the pictures were blurry. But still there were great and fun pictures that reminded me of summer so much! + I found a cape today, maybe I’ll buy it tomorrow! I There were two colours- camel and gray. The gray one had a hood too, so I think , that’ll be the one that I buy. By, the way, Getter’s photo…Continue Reading “fed4”