I’d like to think that these shots are like something out of a dreamy 80s indie-film, when in reality it’s (just) my life and two summer days in Tartu, visiting my boyfriend. He’s got a bit more advanced old film camera than I do and last summer two of his films didn’t turn out that well, so we made this one count and snapped away the whole day. It was a lazy beach day, then a little cafe date and then sunset on another little…Continue Reading “Summer On Film”

I finally got the film in my old camera developed and discovered this set of very windy pictures on it! These were taken in June, when the weather was far from summery and a light coat was more than necessary. I was just en route to Saaremaa with my family, having just been to Pärnu for almost a week, so I’d taken with me the biggest basics. You know, to survive a week away from home with a normal-sized luggage. These pictures are (obviously!) taken…Continue Reading “Breton on the boat”

* St.Petersburg, I love you. As I wrote in my last post, I spent the past weekend in St.Petersburg with my class and I can surely say that I fell completely in love with that city! It was all I had hoped and dreamed of and more! We visited some truly magical castles and gardens and almost every step oozed with the grace and royalty of the Russian Empire. Being a proper tourist, I took pictures of everything important (which also includes about 10 fountains…Continue Reading “Санкт-Петербург, я тебя люблю!”

I’ve finally got the film full, had the pictures developed and scanned them in, so I can share these little snaps on my winter caught on film with my cool vintage camera. A lot of them came out really blurry, because I never learn to take the pictures from a distance. The first picture is of the Louboutin socks that Getter made me for Christmas and the last picture is taken at my school’s fashion show. Lõpuks olen filmi täis saanud ja selle ka ära…Continue Reading “On film”

Since I have no crazy Halloween pictures to show, then here’s a few snaps from the past months. Getter recently got her lomo film and the pictures look so great ! Though it feels quite bad to look at such summery and warm pictures now, since it’s so dark and cold outside. celebrating the start of a new schoolyear with cocktails at Vapiano. pictures from our shoot at Patarei. umbrellas at Uue Maailma festival. Getter’s birthday- the day we got addicted to pool.  the streets…Continue Reading “All your dreams are just a blink away”

Here’s the last batch of pictures of my trip. On the third day we went hiking on Vilsandi, but all I would have to show you are nature views( and hiking clothes, but c’mon..). The fourth day took us (thrift)shopping to Kuressaare. I got myself a really pretty skirt that I’m sure you’ll see soon and also the bowtie bracelet from one of my previous posts. Family portrait taken with my lomo at a spot where land ends and the sea takes over. It was…Continue Reading “Island trip part 2 – Hiiumaa ( and a little bit of Saaremaa )”

As you might remember, I spent most of last week discovering the two biggest islands in Estonia – Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. And now I’ve finally got round to posting the pictures !! So the first day took us on a ferry and to Hiiumaa. We explored quite a lot of places, unfortunately I don’t have decent photos of all of them.The distances between the sights were ridiculously small to cover by car. We actually came across the same cyclists almost everywhere we went. I’ll be…Continue Reading “Island trip part 1- Hiiumaa”

Another bunch of Getter’s lomo pictures. The whole film came out perfectly, so it was really hard to make a selection. You can see more pictures on my tumblr. The heading is a line from Russia’s Eurovision song from this year, the lyrics just don’t make sense. /1-my birthday, 2-getter’s cool green jacket, 3,4- my birthday, 5- crazy dancing after Eurovision, 6- coffee and cake after the exam, 7-my mirror with 3 sides, 8-ice cream on Vabaduse square /

bad weather+no sun+ i’m coming down with a flu+ lots of studying+ no new clothes(well almost)= no outfitshots. i’m sorry. here’s another bunch of getter’s lomo  pics. i like those more :) enjoy. knitting. bonaparte macaroons @ kohvicum we have even more snow that that, an the weather forecast said that there will be more. at least we’ll have white christmas. santa’s house at town hall square g&s the cutest pug we saw in the old town. vintage bookstore. note to self: take oufitshots there…Continue Reading “lomolife”