Considering the slightly unhealthy amount I spend scrolling Instagram daily and the speed with which my thumb rushes to double tap any nice coffee, architecture or flower pictures I thought it only appropriate to bring you a selection of my favourite Instagrammers. These are the accounts that I religiously follow and almost certainly like all of their pictures just because they’re so nice and also, inspirational on the road of ~curating my aesthetic feed~. I’d love to hear about your favourites on Instagram too, just…Continue Reading “My 5 Favourite Instagrammers”

I’ve knowingly stayed away from the Internet this past week. The thing is that my boyfriend finally came to visit me here in the Netherlands and after not seeing him for three months, I really didn’t want to spend time browsing the net. Cuddles over blogs any time! So instead we tested all the cafes in Utrecht, had an Ikea date in the style of 500 Days of Summer and cycled a lot. Today I sent him on the bus and with a little secret…Continue Reading “4 väga head blogipostitust”

I’m setting all fashion talk aside for now, because the room that I live in here is just too gorgeous not to share. From the first moments, it felt like living in an interior magazine! And the neighbourhood is the cutest too! I guess that for an architecture nerd like myself, Utrecht is a pretty nice place to live at. Actually I’m only staying in this room for a month, because the guy I’m renting it from is on holiday and wants to enjoy his…Continue Reading “Interior Inspiration From My Dutch Home”

I remember that some years ago I looked desperately for a fur hat, eventually not finding it anywhere and hatless I was. With the thermometer showing -10 degrees outside it’s inevitable that my mind again wonders off to the warm land of (faux) fur. This time the obsession is back bigger than before and it doesn’t help that those furry coats keep appearing on every fashion blog, magazine editorial and in high street shops out there.  I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go…Continue Reading “Moodboard: Fur”

The time has come again to ask for your advice in the hair-styling department. The last time was in 2012, when I was on the threshold of to ombré or not to ombré. Then you voted yes and I did it, so you hold a significant amount of power in your hands. (Although my venture to Pinkville this spring was wholly a spontaneous one.) Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of having my hair cut shorter. You know, the cute alexachungish kind.  I am…Continue Reading “Short hair, do care?”

I’ve had a certain skirt in mind for quite some time now and I have a plan to DIY it when I have the time. It involves black chiffon, sequins and lots of potential to twirl around. Very intriguing, right? I have been gathering some very inspiring pictures from all over the Internet and until I actually pull myself together to make the skirt, these are all I have.  Have a great weekend! (Because it’s weekend for me already!) Mul on juba pikemat aga peas…Continue Reading “Mid-November inspiration post”

Some time at the end of August I bought myself my first black eyeliner and made the promise to master the art of a cat-eye. I can’t say that I’ve perfected it, but I’m pretty damn obsessed. If I wasn’t in such a hurry every morning, I’d probably channel my inner feline daily. Instead, I’m trying to practice it as often as I can and at the same time fill my Pinterest beauty folder with pretty new styles for inspiration.  Black eyeliner is perfect for…Continue Reading “Bowtie Diary beauty product of the month: Black eyeliner”

Arctic Monkeys- Fluorescent Adolescent   Starting this week off on the right foot and introducing you to my new sponsor! I recently discovered Fashion Union and jumped at the opportunity of them becoming my newest sponsor! It is such a cool online shop with a really good selection of casual-but-cool dresses and skirts, just the kind that I’m dreaming of wearing, when spring finally decides to appear. Also stocking very warm and fuzzy-looking sweaters and the most awesome boots, it’s the place to go. I’m…Continue Reading “Sponsor Spotlight: Fashion Union”

One Direction- One Thing Once again there’s been a long pause in my posts, but I’ve been busy with school and waiting for normal weather and well.. other things. Among which is discovering how cool One Direction is. All of my friends think that I’ve gone crazy, but my little sister is very happy about the fact that I’ll voluntarily listen to their songs and watch the video diaries on Youtube. Their songs are just too catchy and their looks too cute. And who could…Continue Reading “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea”

Since it is already October and I have no outfit photos to show you (because of the constant rain and my annoying illness), I thought it would be only proper to post a few inspirational pictures. Fall is such a beautiful season and kind of the last happy place before a long and cold winter. This year I’m really falling for all kinds of plaids and the comfy kind of New-English countryside living, à la Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. And an abundance of warm…Continue Reading “Falling for fall”