Imagine Dragons- On Top of the World I’m back alive from my first festival and what an amazing three days it was! Buying tickets to Positivus was one of the best decisions I’ve made this summer! Every next day was better than the previous one and I was so full of positive emotions, that I can’t simply put it to words. My outfit for the first day was slightly dull, because we were greeted by rain and massive wind, so comfort was key on day…Continue Reading “Somewhere in the Latvian woods…”

So,as you might now, I spent Saturday evening at a wonderful street festival. It was really cute, there were a lot of little cafes in backyards and people were selling stuff on the streets. There were also 2 stages, but since it started to rain we decided that it would be better to leave. From the market I got myself a lot of postcards( some of them I’m going to send to my penfriend!) and a bracelet with skulls! I know, it’s not really my…Continue Reading “Autumn street festival”