It was my fourth time at Positivus Festival this year, so a fairy-light filled outfit post at the end of July is kind of a tradition here. At least until now, because as nice as the Latvians are, if the festival doesn’t sort out their line-up, then I might opt for another party next year. This might sound like I’m the most pretentious hipster there ever lived, but producers like Mark Ronson and pop acts such as John Newman aren’t really the jam of Positivus….Continue Reading “Positivus Style”

Festival fashion is a thing, and it’s not just about wearing rubber boots or remembering to bring a hat. Flower crowns of all shapes and sizes are having a field day and there’s lace tops as far as the eye can see, so I’m here to bring an alternative to the party, because love it or hate it, festivals are a blogger’s dream and dressing up is pretty much mandatory. Essentially, you should bring clothes that a) can get dirty b) aren’t brand new, so…Continue Reading “Festivals In Vintage”

Last days at festivals are always so bittersweet. On one hand I want to take it all in as much as possible, yet my thoughts are with my bed at home already. This year it also meant hat day, because however gross it sounds, I didn’t bother with the 2-hour shower queues. Line-up wise, this day was the most boring. One of the best artists was Swedish Elliphant, who was on at two in the afternoon and only did five songs, of which I caught…Continue Reading “Festival Memories”

More flower crowns and more smiles from Positivus day two. I swear the smile only wore off for a second at Charli XCX’s show when we tried to get to the front, but it was so damn crowded and I got so claustrophobic that I burst into tears. But don’t worry, once we were at a safe distance, I was totally okay and dancing my ass off to all that girl power! She was the best gig of the day, who, for some reason had…Continue Reading “Positivus Smiles”

… happiness in my heart and a spring in my step, which can all only mean one thing – Positivus Festival day one! I was incredibly lucky this year to go as a media representative, which meant that in addition to the massive perks of the media tent (WiFi, loading stations, a hotel-worthy breakfast and the occasional free drinks) I also had a photographer with me. Marianne agreed to photograph my outfit every day too, so thanks to her I can bring you magic and…Continue Reading “Flowers In My Hair”

Inspired by my previous outfit post, I’ve decided to bring you a kimono-themed shopping guide. Whether you’ve got a festival ahead or behind you, or just plain want to look cool this summer, kimonos are the way to go. They’re perfect with little denim shorts, paired with monochrome dresses and even work with leather trousers. So a seemingly difficult piece of clothing is actually really versatile.  I’ve chosen a few high street (sale!) pieces here, so if you need one asap, then set your steps…Continue Reading “Shopping List: Festival Kimono”

So carrying on with the festival theme, I’ve decided to put together this quick little list of necessities, which will come handy whichever festival you’re going to. I remember that a few years ago I found a similar list from Olivia’s blog and it helped me through my first festival beautifully. (You know, meeting Two Door Cinema Club and all…) As a few of my friends have asked for packing tips, it’s high time to put this on the blog!  Jätkan festivaliteemaga ja mõtlesin kokku…Continue Reading “What to Pack for a Festival (Fashion Blogger Edit)”

My favourite festival (read: the only one I’ve been to) is this weekend and boy am I ready to dance on a field, eat trashy food and meet a few of my favourite indie bands. And almost ready to camp for three nights. It’s so close that I can feel us reaching our hands towards each other, fingertips almost touching, Tom Odell playing on the background. I’ve got that festival feeling in me and it’s slightly affecting my outfit choices too, but since the weather…Continue Reading “Festival Fashion Ahead”

My festival outfits are here, all taken with a dear old film camera. I did take my Nikon 1 hybrid with me, but decided to leave it in the card. I wouldn’t have got in the festival area with it anyway and it’s too valuable to leave in the tent. So I carried my little one with me and spared some room for outfit pictures too.  My festival-summer is over for this year, but if you have some cool field-party with thousands of people, hot…Continue Reading “My three festival outfits”

Two Door Cinema Club- The World Is Watching On the third day of Positivus festival I once again decided to brave the cold for the sake of getting to wear pretty festival outfits, so I put on one of my favourite dresses and kept it slightly warmer with the two festival must-items: a parka jacket and wellies (with really warm socks inside). And of course, the flower crown wasn’t going anywhere! Snapped on the streets by Liisa, I used the rest of my film to…Continue Reading “Dancing and singing inside my head”