It was my fourth time at Positivus Festival this year, so a fairy-light filled outfit post at the end of July is kind of a tradition here. At least until now, because as nice as the Latvians are, if the festival doesn’t sort out their line-up, then I might opt for another party next year. This might sound like I’m the most pretentious hipster there ever lived, but producers like Mark Ronson and pop acts such as John Newman aren’t really the jam of Positivus….Continue Reading “Positivus Style”

Alright, I’ve never been to any kind of therapy, but for the last few years, come January, I’m hit by a creative vibe like no else. Since I couldn’t draw even if my life depended on it and taking on large scale projects always leaves me disappointed in the end (I need to tell you the story of how I wanted to make a sequined skirt…), I’ve channeled my creativity into scrapbooking. Simple, calming and kind of recycling (which is also cheaper than therapy!) –…Continue Reading “Why Cutting Up Magazines Is As Good As Therapy”

There’s a huge architecture nerd in me. I think it’s also on my about page, but oh boy, how pretty houses and churches tickle my fancy. There are these amazingly beautiful medieval ruins right next to my school building and I just moved to a neighbourhood with one of Tartu’s prettiest churches just a few hundred meters from my house. You can imagine the excitement. From this year, I’m taking art history as a minor (still in journalism too), so I get to look at…Continue Reading “Cathedral ghost”

I’ve settled in Tartu for almost a week now, but still had this one last Tallinn outfit left to share. It was a lovely sunny day that I spent roaming around a flea market and then at the art museum with my sister. Kind of to properly say goodbye, I felt that I needed to really do stuff and not sit at home.  I’ve been meaning to wear this outfit for a while (actually it was on Instagram some time ago) and the combination of…Continue Reading “Museum date”

One summery day from a bit more than a week ago. Flowers in my hair and around me.  I knew I wanted to base my outfit around the heels. I found them on sale and since then they’ve had a special spot on my cupboard, but now that summer’s here, they needed to feel the pavement too. So what do I turn to, when I need my shoes to shine? All my favourite basics of course! I couldn’t think of anything else than a plain…Continue Reading “Flower wall”

Tallinn can’t really brag with any pretty beaches, but for what it’s worth, I’m happy with what we have. Having the privilege to hop on my bike, ride for 10 minutes and end up at the seaside is something I don’t want to take for granted.  Another thing I like is cycling on the streets of Tallinn at night. There’s very little cars, so I’m brave enough to ditch the sidewalk and get on the real street and then speed through intersections with the traffic…Continue Reading “B as in beach”

Everything in Tartu is in full bloom and whenever I walk somewhere I stop to smell the lilacs, the roses, the-whatever-flowers-are-on-my way, I just can’t say no to all the nice smells and pretty colours. Walking around like a hound, constantly giving my nose some smell to take up is just part of who I am. Of course, those pretty bushes and floral trees give a perfect backdrop for a very late outfit post too (I’m sorry, school and exams and blah-blah).  Summer’s back and…Continue Reading “In bloom”

Back on the school track, kind of, but the sunny days make it all oh-so-much more difficult. Spending my days on the balcony, sunbathing and reading seem so much better than essays and presentations.  Some time ago, my friend asked me to go shopping with him and help him pick out new clothes. My question was, when could we go. Seriously, playing personal shopper for friends is so much fun, you should try it. You get to go shopping, but spend none of your own…Continue Reading “Blushing”

Not sure if I’m happy about it or not, but winter is here and in full swing. I’m not that fond of the freezing cold temperatures, but I do like the sun shimmering on snow crystals and waking up to actual brightness and light outside. The good thing about the cold is that now I have a reason to wear these pretty mittens that my mother knitted for me. They have such a beautiful pattern and she even sewed little sequins on them, which makes…Continue Reading “Portraits of a winter day”

I’ve had a certain skirt in mind for quite some time now and I have a plan to DIY it when I have the time. It involves black chiffon, sequins and lots of potential to twirl around. Very intriguing, right? I have been gathering some very inspiring pictures from all over the Internet and until I actually pull myself together to make the skirt, these are all I have.  Have a great weekend! (Because it’s weekend for me already!) Mul on juba pikemat aga peas…Continue Reading “Mid-November inspiration post”