If there’s any pop art lovers among my readers, then this post is for you guys! Feel free to scroll past the text bit and move on to the pictures (but do come back for the text too!), because I’m bringing out the big guns. If you don’t know anything about pop art, stick around anyway, because you might just find your new favourite place for buying kick-ass T-shirts (just in time for Christmas too).  I have to say, I have a weird relationship with…Continue Reading “Pop Art”

Last pictures of my collaboration with Kutshimutshi. What else could it be than not a discoball of a vintage dress? To tone down the 80s powershoulders and generally make it less overwhelming I added my leather jacket and made the rest of my outfit all-black. For added mystery, we waited until it got pitch-dark and took the pictures at an underground parking lot. Morning after a night of dancing? Fabulous criminals stealing cars? Park avenue princess gone rebel? This outfit gives out all kinds of…Continue Reading “Underground”

Hola, friends! The second edition of my collaboration with Kutshimutshi is here! I chose a pretty, deep-back red velvet dress and added a very special necklace to it, just to hang on my balcony and pretend I’m actually in a beautiful Italian palazzo or overlooking a Parisian street. For now, Tartu will have to do.  What drew me to this dress was of course the bow finishing the back. But after I’d tried it on, I remembered that I once bought a very similar dress…Continue Reading “Red velvet”

A few weeks ago I received an email from Kutshimutshi, which is a vintage and design store here in Tartu, asking if I’d like to pick something from their store to style and wear. Well, yes? When I went to pick out the clothes and jewellery, I had in mind that I’ll do one outfit. But then they let me loose in the store (which is fairly small, but fits a whole lot of coolness on only a few square meters) and I ended up…Continue Reading “Blue is the warmest colour”

The Killers- Shot At the Night That song by The Killers has been my life soundtrack for the past days. I’ve been listening to it non-stop, immersed in the butterflies it gives me. It’s just that perfect late night song, with the cutest video that could easily be a romantic comedy. The third set of photos I took with Anete Palmik a few weeks ago also has that nightlife-y vibe. Even more, a morning after vibe. Still wearing the dress and heels from last night, but…Continue Reading “Shot At the Night”

It doesn’t happen every day than an Estonian blogger and young photographer decide to get together and shoot a few pictures, so Anete and I decided to make the most of our time together. The first bit is [here], if you’ve been spending your time doing something else than reading this blog and haven’t seen them yet. My second set of photos taken with the talented Anete Palmik is before your eyes now. We found this pathway surrounded by big trees full of colourful leaves…Continue Reading “Darkness, deepness”

Foals- Spanish Sahara Last week I met up with the lovely Anete, whom I met last month at the bloggers’ event. Maybe you’ve seen her gorgeous designs or photography all over the interwebs and if you’ve not, then check her creativity out here. I had the pleasure of doing an autumnal shoot with the talented girl and here is the first set we did. It’s kind of my model-off-duty look (if I actually were one), just throwing on jeans, my new Persunmall double-collared shirt and…Continue Reading “My model off duty look with Anete Palmik”

This is probably one of the biggest things that’s happened during my blogging years- a collaboration with Nikon, the brand for anything to do with photography. I was given the opportunity to try out their Nikon 1 hybrid camera and play around with it for a week. It was so much fun and even a little bug for photography lifted its head in me, even though I’m a complete novice in the field. (What is ISO again?) Below you can find some completely random, but…Continue Reading “My week with Nikon”

This year seems to have started really well for my blog, because I had a first real (kind of) brand collaboration. Exactly a week ago I visited the Ivo Nikkolo offices, where I was greeted by racks of beautiful clothes from their spring/summer collection, all waiting for me to browse through them and pick my favourites.  Ivo Nikkolo is one of the oldest fashion brands in Estonia, creating amazing clothes for women for over 16 years already. They have a very definite concept, which is…Continue Reading “Visiting Ivo Nikkolo”