I feel like I’ve gone to a deep sleep sometime in October and woken up mid-December, with Christmas on my mind and a thick blanket of snow covering the country as far as the eye can see. Although I’ve always considered autumn to be my least favourite season, then the first snowy days really made me miss the crisp (snowless) mornings, the somehow cosy colours of fallen leaves and the possibility of just about getting away with wearing a leather jacket.  My next posts will…Continue Reading “Remember Autumn?”

Every year the same scenario happens – come autumn and I’m throwing myself head first into the preppiest tops in my wardrobe, contemplating wearing headbands à la Blair Waldorf again and in general, dread the day I can’t justify “college-dressing” with actually going to university. As this year, when I’ve heavily stocked up on ruffled school girl shirts, while also turning back to old basics like this Bershka top. There’s no headbands in sight just yet, but I do admit that I almost wore this one…Continue Reading “Autumn Plaids”

With all the holiday posts going up here on my blog, you could almost forget the reality of falling leaves, finger-freezing-temperatures and the wailing wind outside. So, with a cup of tea in hand (I hope you have one too), I’m taking a break from 30degree Italy and taking you straight to 10degree Estonia where summer dresses are replaced by sweaters and afternoon Spritz’s with take-away chilli cappuccinos.  Naturally, as it’s got colder, I’ve taken my sweaters out of the closet more and more and…Continue Reading “A Welcome Break”

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I guess that by now we’ve all realised that autumn really isn’t that far. No matter the temperatures outside or the spring-like ruffle tops in stores, September with all its autumnal glory is just around the corner. Quite literally even, as just the other day I did some uni prep and let’s just say I was surprised that school starts next week. What did I do all summer again?  This outfit is my attempt…Continue Reading “Doing The Spring Ruffle Trend in Autumn”

I certainly can’t say that I didn’t bring enough clothes with me to The Netherlands and I’m definitely not running out of things to wear, but with the autumn collections hitting the stores and mid-season sales upon us, I’m really thinking of getting a few new favourites. Most of them seem to be from H&M, which is actually a budget friendly choice. Or at least this is what I keep telling myself.  My numero uno “Soon Hanging In My Wardrobe” piece is that 70s inspired…Continue Reading “A Trip To Ibiza Or This Dress?”

I am very sorry to rain on your parade, but yesterday I paid a visit to Lindex showroom and this fall collection is too pretty to wait with the sharing until August, when the collection hits stores. Lindex is one of my favourite high street stores, they’re lingerie department my absolute favourite and their sweaters the cosiest (if you need pics for proof, then here). That new fall collection boasted a wide array of warm sweaters, which are such a necessity in this corner of…Continue Reading “A Hint of Autumn at Lindex”

So, as you can see, I decided to not chop my hair off. I feel that everyone’s doing it right now and it wouldn’t be that original. I decided to experiment with a middle parting instead, if you can call that a hair-style change.  Also, the knee socks aren’t going anywhere. Brace yourselves, that schoolgirl look is what I’m going to be wearing all winter long. They go especially well with my new dress that was pretty much the only thing I bought at Helsinki….Continue Reading “Here to stay”

I’ve been over my head in schoolwork lately, crossing things off my to-do list one by one and blogging has taken a backseat. Now I decided to take a break from all the analysing and reading and reward myself with blogging. Not chocolate, tea or a walk, but blogging! I’m starting with my fashion week outfits! This is from day two and probably my favourite one. I adore this hyper warm and soft sweater from Lindex and knew that I can glam it up somehow…Continue Reading “Jazz it up for fashion week”

Arctic Monkeys – Knee Socks The inspiration folder in my computer probably has more than 20 street style looks with over-the-knee socks. I’ve loved that preppy accessory since the first season of Gossip Girl and that was when I wasn’t even in high school. Now I found the perfect pair of knee-highs and couldn’t resist buying them. But am I too old for the preppy schoolgirl look? Should I get a black pair without the bowties too? Is it time for me to finally embrace…Continue Reading “The inevitable fall look”

I remember, about a year and a half ago, I got my first leather jacket and posted about it [here]. It seemed so surreal to me that I would have something made of leather. I’ve always been the preppy girlie girl, I can’t turn into a badass so suddenly, I remember thinking.  Then some time ago my mother suggested that I should buy a new one, merely for practical reasons like warmth. The other is is quite flimsy, to be honest, so one day I…Continue Reading “Red door”