I’m not one to jump on every trend bandwagon as they come around, which is why I’m only now discovering the joys of nineties style dressing. When the Asos sale came around, I gathered the courage to buy my first pair of mom jeans and I haven’t looked back since. Saying that, I’m probably just as excited as the whole office of Vogue to see what’s going to be the next best thing to come out of the last millennium that Instagram will hype about….Continue Reading “Welcome To The Nineties”

Everything ruffled, flouncy, girlie and cute is all the rage among this spring’s trends, especially if it also happens to be pastel coloured. I’ve had a slight love affair with ruffled hems for quite some time now, but a recent visit to H&M (solely to kill some time) added a lot of spark to that relationship. I left empty handed, mainly because I’m trying to spend less (aren’t we always) and buying all the ruffled tops just doesn’t fit with that plan, but also, because…Continue Reading ““Give Me all the Ruffles” Spring wishlist”

I certainly can’t say that I didn’t bring enough clothes with me to The Netherlands and I’m definitely not running out of things to wear, but with the autumn collections hitting the stores and mid-season sales upon us, I’m really thinking of getting a few new favourites. Most of them seem to be from H&M, which is actually a budget friendly choice. Or at least this is what I keep telling myself.  My numero uno “Soon Hanging In My Wardrobe” piece is that 70s inspired…Continue Reading “A Trip To Ibiza Or This Dress?”

You’d be surprised about the abundance of cat-print clothes on the web. It all varies on a scale from “I think cats are cute” to “I want ten cats, plus all of them on my dress”, so inspired by my last post, where I also wore a pretty outstanding kitty print dress, here are four purrfect (couldn’t resist the pun!) garments to get your paws on (another one!).  I actually think that the Lazy Oaf shirt is a nice alternative for a basic white shirt…Continue Reading “Shopping List: Cat Print Goodness”

It’s another usual Sunday and Asos just popped up on its own. “No harm in just browsing,” I thought. Then it all snowballed into me checking my Paypal balance, remembering that I want sandals for summer and then finding this pair of affordable (they’re only 16 euros), probably extremely comfortable, matching with everything, perfectly on trend normcore pair of rubber sandals. I guess I can always return them if I should make that deciding “buy” click.  What would you do, buy or not?  Täna on…Continue Reading “To Buy or Not To Buy?”

I can’t believe the weather we’ve had! Remember, last week I was all about summer? Well today it snowed in some parts of Estonia, it rained in Tartu and it was miserable, to say the least. Whenever it rains and the weather is grey and boring, I tend to grab my jeans and bury myself under a heap of sweaters and scarves. If I’m lucky, I’ve remembered to grab my umbrella and wear weather-friendly shoes. In most cases I’ve been too optimistic or forgetful and…Continue Reading “No rain on my parade”

As promised, here are the pictures of my outfit from Tuesday. Recently (for about a year or so), I can’t get enough of gray shirts and this one is one of my favourites. Simple, but with a statement. Also, very fitting considering the crowd, which included (apart from the coolest bloggers) a few of the Estonian it-girls too! Of course, plain Ts go with everything and I chose to wear it with a recent ASOS sale-splurge. Leather is also something I’ve grown to like and…Continue Reading “Crème de la crème”