Lately I’ve been so head over heels into trying to make the most of my last month, weeks and days here, that blogging has taken a backseat. First it was exams and then it was days spent travelling all around the Netherlands (with weather so crap that outfit pictures were out of the question) and a flash trip to Antwerp and now it’s all about fitting in breakfast dates and coffee meetings to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made on my time on exchange…Continue Reading “Waving Goodbye To Amsterdam”

As promised, a few pretty snaps from my Wednesday in Amsterdam! To be honest, we didn’t do anything noteworthy, except walk around the canals and just get to know the city, so that when we go back, we’d know where to go and what to do. It was kind of a get-to-know trip, if you wish, since neither me nor my Finnish travel companion had done any research whatsoever.  So the first thing we did was hop on a sightseeing boat and spent an hour…Continue Reading “Postcards From Amsterdam”