I’ve successfully survived one of the most stressful exam periods in my uni life so far and starting to come out of my cave and discover the world of blogging once again. Writing five essays and a mini-thesis in a month can really take any creativity out of you and make you tremble at the sight of another keyboard, but I’ve had a week’s worth of rest (and a haircut, in case you didn’t notice!) and time to think of where this blog is going…Continue Reading “From The Mens Section”

Not long ago I was cycling on the streets of Utrecht, trying to grasp how gorgeous one city can actually be. Actually, not that long ago, I was standing in the airport in Tallinn, a plane ticket to Amsterdam in one and a tear-wet tissue in my other hand. Time, as always, flies unbelievably fast and somehow this is already my last outfit post from the Netherlands. How did I only manage like seven of them during the five months? I do however, still have…Continue Reading “Not That Skirt Again!”

You’ve probably seen this kind of denim dresses around for months now and I predict that they won’t be going anywhere, partly kudos to Miss Chung’s kick-ass and ultra-covetable denim collection, partly because of the mega-revival of all things seventies. You can bet that my search for the perfect button-up denim dress started on the exact moment I laid my eyes on the ACxAG lookbook. Finding the perfect pieces on a limited budget is a challenge, but not when you have a sister like mine! …Continue Reading “How I Found The Perfect Denim Dress… For Less!”

Lately I’ve had this thing where I wear the same outfit for not only two days in a row, but a straight week. Yep, the fashion gods just fainted. I kind of pick out an article of clothing from my wardrobe and suddenly start liking it so much that nothing else even exists. Last week it was my basic grey dress, this week it’s this navy combo.  That navy buttoned up skirt that I found at a flea market in September is the perfect am-I-Alexa-Chung-yet…Continue Reading “Navy blue takeover”

Last Saturday I said “no” to laying in bed all day and watching “Friends” and said a big “yes” to checking out a flea market with Evamaria (who has the loveliest blog [here]). Of course, a bloggers’ date requires taking pictures of each other’s outfits too. Halfway through, we realised that we’d practically worn the same outfit. Short A-line skirt with a white T-shirt. Guess that’s some kind of a fashion blogger’s uniform these days… I found that navy skirt from Tallinn’s flea market a…Continue Reading “Flea market friends”

Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum Today was another one of those lovely spring days, with the sun shining in from my window the better half of the day and making everything nicer. What I did to celebrate all this extraordinaryness? Went to eat ice cream of course!  I spent the morning lazily on bed, with a cup of coffee and Alexa Chung’s “It”. I’ve been devouring the book like it’s melt-in-your-mouth brownie. I’m starting to get the idea that when I grow up, I want…Continue Reading “When did you last wear your denim shorts?”