On to more Italian adventures, with Verona, the (un)official city of romance lined up! Although despite the fancy title, I didn’t particularly fall in love with it. It did provide some stunning views and gorgeous streets for some hand-in-hand lovey-dovey exploring, but having seen a fair few European old towns in my time, Verona didn’t really stand out too much. Of course our two days of walking were filled with oohing-and-aahing too, but instead of a full on city guide I decided to put together…Continue Reading “5 Tips For Verona”

Throwing it back to sunny Verona and one of my favourite off-the-beaten-path gems of our trip. Away from the tourist-filled old town, the Giusti Gardens provided a welcome break from the sightseeing, with the high cypress trees and slowly dripping fountains giving us some much-needed refuge from the hot sun too. The gardens are hidden from the street and you only find this haven of calm once you’ve passed through an archway of a pretty inexpressive building. They’re also surrounded by high walls on every…Continue Reading “Secret Gardens In Verona”

As promised, I’m dipping my toes to travel blogger waters and putting together three little city guides from my week in Italy. For some background information, we took the flight from Riga to Bergamo, in classic budget Ryanair style and then travelled across the country all the way to Venice, ticking off Verona and Padova along the way. In hindsight, a week was a bit too little time for so many cities, but I couldn’t help missing any of them, because when else am I…Continue Reading “A Mini Guide To Bergamo”

Buongiorno, Italian posts! I’m well back into my everyday routine here and our picture-perfect getaway to Italy seems like a million miles away (whereas it’s only been a week…). Nothing like those autumnal temperatures and long days at work to welcome a girl back home! However I plan to guide you though that week in Italy and put on a brave travel blogger face, if you’ll bare with me and my holiday pictures.  As this is first and foremost a style blog, then clothes get…Continue Reading “Walks In Bergamo”

Not a lot of things excite me more than the prospect of one day having a place of my own and getting to decorate it to my heart’s content. Which in my case means a load of plants, pictures on every wall and an unhealthy amount of nostalgic trinkets here and there. And a cat. Until I have a place of my own in the most Holly Golightly of ways, I’ll have to do with little personal details and clever interiour planning. So I present…Continue Reading “Dorm Room Decoration Ideas”

Hello, ultimate girlie post! I think I’ve reached peak “blogger status” now that I’m revealing my make-up routine, although I feel like calling it a routine is a bit far-fetched. Having tried the beauty blogging scene for a while and not being afraid of brushes, blushes and bronzers anymore, I’ve just developed a few firm favourites which seem to make me look decent even on the busiest and most tired mornings. I’ve tried and tested and finally feeling content with the insides of my make-up…Continue Reading “The Everyday Beauty Routine”

I’m not the most patient of girls (an aries, after all), but it turns out that giving up on buying this top and waiting until the sales to buy it might have been worth it after all. Not only did I get it for an unbelievable five euros on the tag (and saved 15, which is like six cappuccinos), but so far it’s proved to be the perfect end-of-summer top. Perfect with jeans for chillier days, which means all the days apparently, but with an…Continue Reading “Sleeves For Days”

See pisut krüptiline pealkiri tähistab ajakirja MOOD uuenduskuuri, mis lugejate jaoks suure üllatusena septembrinumbriga välja kuulutati. Välja on vahetatud kogu toimetus, lihvitud natuke kujundust ja rubriike juurde tekitatud. Olen ikka aeg-ajalt selle ajakirja tegemistel silma peal hoidnud (kuigi tõsi, viimasel ajal jätsin numbrid pigem ostmata), seega läksin suure huviga poodi “uuenenud” ajakirja järele, kus lubati rohkem sisu, rohkem teemasid ja kõvemat ajakirjandust.  Mis ma leidsin? Moeajakirjana alustanud MOOD on saanud täiesti tavaliseks naisteajakirjaks, milles moeleheküljed on pigem moe pärast (pardon the pun) sisse pandud ja…Continue Reading “MOOD vs mood”

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I guess that by now we’ve all realised that autumn really isn’t that far. No matter the temperatures outside or the spring-like ruffle tops in stores, September with all its autumnal glory is just around the corner. Quite literally even, as just the other day I did some uni prep and let’s just say I was surprised that school starts next week. What did I do all summer again?  This outfit is my attempt…Continue Reading “Doing The Spring Ruffle Trend in Autumn”

Summers and garden parties go together like strawberries and cream and even though I’m no Alice in Wonderland, I’ve had a few outdoors-y events lined up for the summer. Dressing in this time of year, however, may prove a bit difficult with daytime heat quickly turning into evening chills. So I propose my tried-and-tested outfit – grey on grey with delicate and feminine basics, all the while covering some of this summer’s trends from pleats to slip-everything (buying this top in 2014 was a fashion…Continue Reading “Secret Garden Party”