In one form or another, I’ve always done an end-of-the-year post. So keeping up with tradition I just can’t go into the new year without wrapping it up here (only to plan all things better and bigger for the next year). This year has been a whirlwind both personally and globally, but eventually we’ll remember the good things (and because I still really like the idea of an anti bucket list), let’s focus on these here too. So this year, to name a few personal accomplishments, I moved in with…Continue Reading “Wrapping Up 2016 (In Velvet)”

Every year, come Christmas time, I’m almost as excited to wrap the presents as I’m to open them. There’s nothing more boring than popping the present into a gift bag. I always try to put together picture-perfect combinations of wrapping papers, choose the right bows and trinkets to decorate the gift, in a very “Love Actually” style, with sticks of cinnamon and all. My firm favourite is brown paper, it’s the perfect canvas to mix with metallic wrapping papers. For decoration, I’m loving candy canes…Continue Reading “Some Present Wrapping Inspo”

How is it only 7 days until Christmas? December has really flown by this year, which makes my recent trip to London feel like ages ago, when it actually was only three weeks. But hey, take this tiny travel guide as a gift guide instead, I bet all of your moms would be thrilled to find plane tickets to London under the tree!  Kuidas on see võimalik, et jõuludeni on jäänud ainult seitse päeva? Detsember on sel aastal tõepoolest mööda lennanud ja mu hiljutine Londoni-reis…Continue Reading “My Tiny Guide To Notting Hill”

I”m going to make it look trés effortless and casually pop in that I spent last weekend, seemingly spontaneously, in London. In reality, it took a bit of planning and a whole lot of trying to keep the secret to myself, as a weekend away in the British capital was a birthday present for my mom and she only found out the destination three days before the flight. I bought the tickets in August so you can imagine the amount of self control that went…Continue Reading “Lipstick On Your Collar”

One way or another, snow comes as a surprise every year. One day we’re enjoying the golden leaves of early November, the next day the whole country is knee-deep in snow, noses freezing and cars acting up. However, for the first time since I’ve been responsible for dressing myself, I feel like I’m prepared. Introducing: the winter coat of dreams, covering me with woolly goodness in sub-zero temperatures. Not pictured: the fleecy lining covering this on the inside. Literally, this coat feels like wearing a…Continue Reading “The Coat Of Dreams”

Mõnusat nädalavahetust, sõbrad! Soundcloudis ja iTunesis ootab teid minu podcasti uus osa, mida lumesaju ja teetassi kõrvale kuulata. (Üldse sellest, miks ja kuidas podcast alguse sai, võite muidu lugeda siit.) Teises osas käisin külas Liisa Lutsul, keda võite teada tänu tema videoproduktsioonifirmale Mellow või kunagisele tänavastiiliblogile Striitstail. Küll aga on vist kõik eestlased aasta tagasi näinud Liisa enda tehtud pulmapilte, mis selle aasta alguses internetis kogemata viraliks läksid.  Liisa on üks esimesi inimesi “blogimaailmast”, kellega ma päriselus kokku sain, jutustasin ja pilte tegin. Tollal tundus…Continue Reading “Self Made podcast 2. osa!”

I feel like I’ve gone to a deep sleep sometime in October and woken up mid-December, with Christmas on my mind and a thick blanket of snow covering the country as far as the eye can see. Although I’ve always considered autumn to be my least favourite season, then the first snowy days really made me miss the crisp (snowless) mornings, the somehow cosy colours of fallen leaves and the possibility of just about getting away with wearing a leather jacket.  My next posts will…Continue Reading “Remember Autumn?”

Every year the same scenario happens – come autumn and I’m throwing myself head first into the preppiest tops in my wardrobe, contemplating wearing headbands à la Blair Waldorf again and in general, dread the day I can’t justify “college-dressing” with actually going to university. As this year, when I’ve heavily stocked up on ruffled school girl shirts, while also turning back to old basics like this Bershka top. There’s no headbands in sight just yet, but I do admit that I almost wore this one…Continue Reading “Autumn Plaids”

… When you really can’t afford fancy new outfits on a part-time student budget (who’s just been away in Italy for a week). Fashion week dressing, even in Estonia, is a tricky business of its own, when any simple nice dress just won’t do and when you’re not one of those always-wear-black-and-look-fab girls, some thought needs to be put into this. Fashion week is somewhat an event to show your best (styled) self, so in an attempt to do so on a very uninspiring wardrobe,…Continue Reading “What To Wear To Fashion Week…”

Alustaks esmaspäeva suurte uudistega? Võib-olla mäletate, et kevadel proovisin Tartu Generaadios teha oma jutusaadet. Pärast kolme eetriosa jäi saade pisut toppama, aga mõte oma vestlussaatest elas edasi ja nüüd saan teile kõva häälega kuulutada, et mul on oma podcast!! Tundub uskumatu ja natuke hirmutav, aga Self Made saade on nüüd täiesti olemas iTunesis, Soundcloudis ja Facebookis! Igas saates on külaliseks mõni äge eesti naine, kes mingil moel innustab ka mind. Saate nimi Self Made tähistab üheltpoolt nii naiste isehakkamist ja enesekindlust kui ka saate iseloomu….Continue Reading “Self Made saade 1. osa!”