Whether we want it or not, whether we’re ready to admit it to ourselves or not – autumn is on the way. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to ditch the dainty prints and live off of dark neutrals for the next six months. Inspired by my last two posts, where I wore a floral midi skirt and a stunning full length-skirt, I’m bringing you a small selection of skirts that are probably meant to be worn in summer, but paired with a cozy…Continue Reading “Shopping List: End Of Summer Midi Skirts”

I know you’re all eagerly waiting for the Dutch posts, but since I still have one Estonian outfit to show, then I’d like to finish all things on that front and then go all Dutch. But there is one way how to keep up with my Erasmus life in the Netherlands and that’s through Instagram! (Kind of a no-brainer, right?) I’ve already shared pretty architecture snaps and the occasional ice-cream picture, so if you’re feeling like it, head over to my Instagram here @piiaounpuu and…Continue Reading “Instagram Update”

I’m setting all fashion talk aside for now, because the room that I live in here is just too gorgeous not to share. From the first moments, it felt like living in an interior magazine! And the neighbourhood is the cutest too! I guess that for an architecture nerd like myself, Utrecht is a pretty nice place to live at. Actually I’m only staying in this room for a month, because the guy I’m renting it from is on holiday and wants to enjoy his…Continue Reading “Interior Inspiration From My Dutch Home”

Was this just a week ago? That I travelled around Estonia, high summer sun shining and not a care in the world? By now I’m almost settled in at Utrecht, in the most gorgeous room I’ve ever lived in and starting a completely new life for five months.  But back to my summer outfit! My boyfriend and I went to his hometown for a few days and since my parents were away, I got the car, which meant one thing – comfy shoes. I’ve had…Continue Reading “Summer Road Trip”

You’d be surprised about the abundance of cat-print clothes on the web. It all varies on a scale from “I think cats are cute” to “I want ten cats, plus all of them on my dress”, so inspired by my last post, where I also wore a pretty outstanding kitty print dress, here are four purrfect (couldn’t resist the pun!) garments to get your paws on (another one!).  I actually think that the Lazy Oaf shirt is a nice alternative for a basic white shirt…Continue Reading “Shopping List: Cat Print Goodness”

My family adopted a cat earlier this summer and I, definitely unintentionally, turned into a cat lady. Now I can’t start my day without petting her, I keep sending pictures of my cat to my friends more than probably is socially acceptable (imagine if I had Snapchat!) and apparently, go around wearing cat-printed clothes. To be fair, I had the dress before the cat, but now I feel oh-so-worthy to wear this gorgeous (and very prominent) dress, like I’ve earned the right to by having…Continue Reading “Cat Lady Uniform”

Hope your Sundays are picture-perfect, spent in total bliss and calm. I’m currently on my way to Tartu, where I’ll have a small going-away party with my friends and next week I’ll embark on a round-trip of Estonia. First biking in Southern Estonia for two days, then two days in Pärnu, taking in all the summer that’s left and I’m ending the week in Eastern Estonia, visiting places I’ve never been to and going for a super relaxing spa-trip with my boyfriend, before the madness…Continue Reading “Sunday/Shoeday”

You’ve probably seen this kind of denim dresses around for months now and I predict that they won’t be going anywhere, partly kudos to Miss Chung’s kick-ass and ultra-covetable denim collection, partly because of the mega-revival of all things seventies. You can bet that my search for the perfect button-up denim dress started on the exact moment I laid my eyes on the ACxAG lookbook. Finding the perfect pieces on a limited budget is a challenge, but not when you have a sister like mine! …Continue Reading “How I Found The Perfect Denim Dress… For Less!”

You wouldn’t think that someone who posts pictures of themself online several times a week would characterise themself as shy, but that’s the inconvenient truth. The thing is, that I can put on a brave face and talk on camera about my dressing habits, throw a flea market and represent myself as a fashion blogger, but at the end of the day, I’m the shy girl in the corner, desperately looking for some friend to show up, so I wouldn’t have to talk to strangers. …Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About… Shyness”

In my last two posts, the protagonist has been a full-on printed jumpsuit and be it sleeveless or sleeved, with shorts or trousers, this summer is the season for jumpsuits. Those are the perfect carefree summer pieces and even though my editor questioned my sartorial choices by asking if I’d worn my PJs to work, jumpsuits are the easiest thing to wear on a summer morning. I’ve worn my sleeved playsuit with flats, sandals and it would probably go with heels too, then I could…Continue Reading “Shopping List: Printed Jumpsuits”