Antwerp is a ridiculously gorgeous city and those 15 euro bus tickets were the best thing I’ve spent money on during my time in Utrecht. Coming from the far away Nordic land of Estonia, I can’t really wrap my head around how simple it is to go from one country to another and from one picture-perfect city to another here in Central Europe. (*puts on her best country girl face*)  As a tourist destination, I totally recommend Antwerp over Brussels, if you ever feel like…Continue Reading “Postcards From Antwerp (And A New Vlog!)”

The title kind of says it all, no? This might not be as exciting for you English-speaking guys, but I decided to try my hand at vlogging and on Monday, took my camera to school with me, to show my friends, my family and my lovely blog readers a bit of my everyday life here in the Netherlands. So if you’re feeling like hearing what Estonian sounds like, want to see a bit of gorgeous Utrecht or know  how I react when the neighbour’s cat…Continue Reading “My First Ever Vlog!”

As promised, a few pretty snaps from my Wednesday in Amsterdam! To be honest, we didn’t do anything noteworthy, except walk around the canals and just get to know the city, so that when we go back, we’d know where to go and what to do. It was kind of a get-to-know trip, if you wish, since neither me nor my Finnish travel companion had done any research whatsoever.  So the first thing we did was hop on a sightseeing boat and spent an hour…Continue Reading “Postcards From Amsterdam”