Fashion blogging is hard work, even though it might seem like a walk in the park for all the non-bloggers out there. And fashion bloggers face a lot of blogging obstacles in their everyday blogging-lives. So if you’re a fellow blogger, let me know if I missed something from this list and if there’s anything else that you’ve encountered in your days of blogging, that needs to be brought to light. Also, bare in mind that I have written this post with a hint of…Continue Reading “#FashionBloggerProblems”

On a fine Sunday morning, when I enjoying my morning ritual of hot lemon water and a scroll-through on Instagram, I did something daring. I somehow ended up on one of those half-spammy accounts that promise to shoot your follower number into unbelievable heights for just a few dollars. You know, that kind of half-spammy account that has pictures advertising their “service” with a few dozen followers and follows thousands itself.   So I was sitting in the warm embrace of my duvet, half-tucked-in and…Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About… Buying Instagram Followers”

Who doesn’t love free education right? As a follow up to my first marketing-themed post, where I shared tips for creating kick-ass blog content (as heard in my Content Marketing lecture here at Hogeschool Utrecht), I am bringing you more marketing tips that I kind of took over into the blogging world again. Originally the lecture was about creating ideas for corporate marketing purposes, but blogging is pretty damn similar and the key principles definitely translate well. Here we go! Kellele siis tasuta saadud haridus…Continue Reading “7 Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas”

Recently, two new fashion-focused television programmes have popped up in Estonia and I thought to write about them a bit. I also decided to do it only in Estonian, because let’s face it, how many English-speaking, but Estonian television-watching readers do I have anyway? But don’t worry, my next post is a good old outfit one and all by the book.  Viimaste nädalate jooksul on Eesti moemaailmas juhtunud palju põnevat ja ma üritan siit Hollandist ikka asjadel silma peal hoida. Suvel kõiki pahviks löönud ajakiri…Continue Reading “Mitut moesaadet meile vaja on?”

Although back in Estonia I’m a journalism student, then here in Utrecht, my curriculum is more communication-based and a lot of it has to do with marketing. My favourite course is Content Marketing, after each lecture and tutorial I’m feeling really inspired, especially blog-wise. I feel that during the classes, I keep my blog in mind at all times, even though we’re talking about corporate marketing, and I like to translate everything I’ve learnt into blogging.  In one of the first lectures we discussed seven…Continue Reading “7 Marketing Tips For Kick-Ass Blog Content”

The title kind of says it all, no? This might not be as exciting for you English-speaking guys, but I decided to try my hand at vlogging and on Monday, took my camera to school with me, to show my friends, my family and my lovely blog readers a bit of my everyday life here in the Netherlands. So if you’re feeling like hearing what Estonian sounds like, want to see a bit of gorgeous Utrecht or know  how I react when the neighbour’s cat…Continue Reading “My First Ever Vlog!”