Hi! Hello, and welcome to my new blog. Bowtie Diary is no more and Self Made is here. On a level it’s still the same blog, with a facelift and a fancy slider on the home page, but in reality I’ve felt for a fair amount of time that bowties are better left in high school and in order to fully embrace blogging again, I needed a ~rebrand~. So here is Self Made, a blog about all things concerning a twenty-something who’s just graduating from…Continue Reading “Self Made is here!”

How’s everyone’s January going? Hope you’re busy bees (or taking it easy, whichever was your plan)! I myself am catching up with all the semester’s work and literally have been spending full working days behind my laptop writing essays and my dissertation. So to wind down a bit, I’ve rekindled with my Spotify account and whenever I need some cosy background music or a pick-me-up after a day at the library (my walk home is exactly three songs) I turn to a playlist. A huge…Continue Reading “Mid-Week, Mid-January Playlist”

In one form or another, I’ve always done an end-of-the-year post. So keeping up with tradition I just can’t go into the new year without wrapping it up here (only to plan all things better and bigger for the next year). This year has been a whirlwind both personally and globally, but eventually we’ll remember the good things (and because I still really like the idea of an anti bucket list), let’s focus on these here too. So this year, to name a few personal accomplishments, I moved in with…Continue Reading “Wrapping Up 2016 (In Velvet)”

Not a lot of things excite me more than the prospect of one day having a place of my own and getting to decorate it to my heart’s content. Which in my case means a load of plants, pictures on every wall and an unhealthy amount of nostalgic trinkets here and there. And a cat. Until I have a place of my own in the most Holly Golightly of ways, I’ll have to do with little personal details and clever interiour planning. So I present…Continue Reading “Dorm Room Decoration Ideas”

See pisut krüptiline pealkiri tähistab ajakirja MOOD uuenduskuuri, mis lugejate jaoks suure üllatusena septembrinumbriga välja kuulutati. Välja on vahetatud kogu toimetus, lihvitud natuke kujundust ja rubriike juurde tekitatud. Olen ikka aeg-ajalt selle ajakirja tegemistel silma peal hoidnud (kuigi tõsi, viimasel ajal jätsin numbrid pigem ostmata), seega läksin suure huviga poodi “uuenenud” ajakirja järele, kus lubati rohkem sisu, rohkem teemasid ja kõvemat ajakirjandust.  Mis ma leidsin? Moeajakirjana alustanud MOOD on saanud täiesti tavaliseks naisteajakirjaks, milles moeleheküljed on pigem moe pärast (pardon the pun) sisse pandud ja…Continue Reading “MOOD vs mood”

If there’s one thing getting me excited for Autumn, it’s the promise of rainy days spent indoors, with a list of bookmarked articles waiting to read and an irl stack of books by my bed. Hot chocolate and scented candles totally optional, but some biscuits are a must. As today’s weather successfully replicated that autumnal cliché and I have a fair list of great reads lined up, I thought it appropriate to share my finds with you too. So grab a blanket and a cup…Continue Reading “Some Sunday Reading”

Instagram can be a right bitch sometimes. Please tell me it’s the same for you? Instagram võib vahel korral mõrd olla. Palun öelge, et keegi teist on samas olukorras? (Eestikeelne jutu jaoks peate korralikult alla kerima, sattusin oma kirjutamisega hoogu.) The truth is that I’ve been seriously putting too much thought and effort into all things Instagram, so I figured that if I type out all my thoughts on the subject, I’d get some sense into it. Hopefully this long chatty post puts me to ease…Continue Reading “Overthinking Instagram”

A few weeks go when I had my first proper days off, from school, from work, from everything, I decided to escape the city and allow myself a little spa break under the picturesque pines of Eastern Estonia. As my dad often visits the area for work and usually stays at Toila Spa Hotel, then that particular place was an obvious choice for our little overnight holiday. It’s not the fanciest of places, but it does the trick.  Not only is it reasonably affordable –…Continue Reading “I Had A Spa Holiday And So Should You”

Perhaps the title of this post a bit too trivial, but a hashtag with over 1,5 million posts on Instagram has to have some truth behind it, reminding us, in between countless pictures of peonies and pancakes, to turn our attention to the little things in everyday life. Such as photos printed out on paper, instead of scrolling past them on screens. Or books, forever managing to suck me in to those small universes between two covers, if I only bother to pick one up….Continue Reading “Live The Little Things”

Time for the sneaky bloggers’ favourite, a never before seen on Bowtie Diary, a peek into my (slightly tidied) everyday cross body. I decided to open the insides of a smaller bag, because if I’d started to empty my everyday shoulder bag, you’d see a nice flat lay of 3-year-old lip balms, old receipts and some rice grains, which somehow have managed to make home in the bottom of my bag. So, to spare you of the inevitable everyday “glamour” and me from the consequent…Continue Reading “What’s In My Bag?”