Perhaps the title of this post a bit too trivial, but a hashtag with over 1,5 million posts on Instagram has to have some truth behind it, reminding us, in between countless pictures of peonies and pancakes, to turn our attention to the little things in everyday life. Such as photos printed out on paper, instead of scrolling past them on screens. Or books, forever managing to suck me in to those small universes between two covers, if I only bother to pick one up….Continue Reading “Live The Little Things”

Time for the sneaky bloggers’ favourite, a never before seen on Bowtie Diary, a peek into my (slightly tidied) everyday cross body. I decided to open the insides of a smaller bag, because if I’d started to empty my everyday shoulder bag, you’d see a nice flat lay of 3-year-old lip balms, old receipts and some rice grains, which somehow have managed to make home in the bottom of my bag. So, to spare you of the inevitable everyday “glamour” and me from the consequent…Continue Reading “What’s In My Bag?”

This post could either be a guidebook to going through with your semester abroad or my own super condensed diary (bowties excluded) of five months spent away from my family and friends, living a whole new life in a whole new place. Either way, I want to share this experience with you and I want to have one specific point to look back to and instantly be taken back to the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands in the autumn of 2015. Studying Firstly, why…Continue Reading “My Erasmus Experience”

I’ve never been a fan of big and flashy jewellery, but aside from a few modest rings and bracelets that you see in my outfit posts, there’s more than meets the eye. For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn a delicate silver necklace with a meaningful pendant – first it was my star sign Aries, then a sparkling P and now a special souvenir from the Montserrat monastery near Barcelona. Then there’s a few heirloom pieces which I hold dearer than I actually…Continue Reading “A Special Piece Of Jewellery”

Considering the slightly unhealthy amount I spend scrolling Instagram daily and the speed with which my thumb rushes to double tap any nice coffee, architecture or flower pictures I thought it only appropriate to bring you a selection of my favourite Instagrammers. These are the accounts that I religiously follow and almost certainly like all of their pictures just because they’re so nice and also, inspirational on the road of ~curating my aesthetic feed~. I’d love to hear about your favourites on Instagram too, just…Continue Reading “My 5 Favourite Instagrammers”

I feel like I’m at a real crossroads with my blog. It might be the exam stress, homesickness or my deep dark indie Spotify playlist on the background, but somehow I just feel that all the good ideas are not coming out of me and every post I plan ends up in the rubbish bin. I know that I want to do something differently, evolve to some new direction, but the sad thing is that I have no clue about what I want. There’s days…Continue Reading “Planning My Blogging 2k16”

Alright, I’ve never been to any kind of therapy, but for the last few years, come January, I’m hit by a creative vibe like no else. Since I couldn’t draw even if my life depended on it and taking on large scale projects always leaves me disappointed in the end (I need to tell you the story of how I wanted to make a sequined skirt…), I’ve channeled my creativity into scrapbooking. Simple, calming and kind of recycling (which is also cheaper than therapy!) –…Continue Reading “Why Cutting Up Magazines Is As Good As Therapy”

How many of you make a promisingly big new year’s resolutions list and then get cross with themselves in about a month for not sticking to it? Two of my favourite bloggers – Olivia Purvis and Emma Gannon – decided to ditch the get-better promises and instead, made long lists of what they have achieved during this past year. I can’t agree with them more, because even though resolutions about working out and being healthy (which I will definitely make) are nice and all, they’re…Continue Reading “The Anti-Bucket List”

I have to be honest and confess that “America’s Top Model” type reality shows are my absolute secret pleasure. I love to comment on everything and everyone going through the screen, especially when watching it with friends and just slaying everything! So when I had the opportunity to take part in the recording of the Estonian version of that, I was excited!  Of course I was secretly hoping that I’d get the role of a super judgemental fashion critic who has to help decide which…Continue Reading “How I Went On A Reality Show”

Although the weather has been more spring-like than wintry and things are far away from a Christmas spirit, then my unbearable homesickness and the fact that December has already lasted for a whole nine days, fill my head with all kinds of Christmassy thoughts. I’ll be home from the 20th of December, which gives me a whole three days before and three during Christmas, plus that weird bit between the holidays and New Year’s to drown myself head-to-toe to all things Christmas. And I have…Continue Reading “My Christmas Wish-To-Do List”