Summers and garden parties go together like strawberries and cream and even though I’m no Alice in Wonderland, I’ve had a few outdoors-y events lined up for the summer. Dressing in this time of year, however, may prove a bit difficult with daytime heat quickly turning into evening chills. So I propose my tried-and-tested outfit – grey on grey with delicate and feminine basics, all the while covering some of this summer’s trends from pleats to slip-everything (buying this top in 2014 was a fashion…Continue Reading “Secret Garden Party”

I think I’ve found my first “investment piece”. And no, it’s not the ridiculously on-trend patch bag from Mohito, neither the age-old denim shorts that I recently upcycled. I’m in fact referring to that gorgeous pleated shirt from Cos, a sale find from way back in January that I have a feeling will serve me for years to come. It’s got that undeniable “hey, I’m expensive, but you actually paid 17 euros for me” feel to it and as long as I can’t really afford…Continue Reading “Patches And Pleats”

Festival nostalgia is still very much with me, so what better time to introduce you to my outfit from Positivus 2016 day 3. A few days before the festival I went on a four-hour-long second hand shopping spree and one of my lucky finds was this floral dress, perfect for festivals and summer days alike. Of course, as the day wasn’t too summery and waking up to the sound of our tent’s walls shaking in the wind wasn’t too promising, I went for the jeans-under-dress…Continue Reading “Festival Layering Skills”

It was my fourth time at Positivus Festival this year, so a fairy-light filled outfit post at the end of July is kind of a tradition here. At least until now, because as nice as the Latvians are, if the festival doesn’t sort out their line-up, then I might opt for another party next year. This might sound like I’m the most pretentious hipster there ever lived, but producers like Mark Ronson and pop acts such as John Newman aren’t really the jam of Positivus….Continue Reading “Positivus Style”

Festival fashion is a thing, and it’s not just about wearing rubber boots or remembering to bring a hat. Flower crowns of all shapes and sizes are having a field day and there’s lace tops as far as the eye can see, so I’m here to bring an alternative to the party, because love it or hate it, festivals are a blogger’s dream and dressing up is pretty much mandatory. Essentially, you should bring clothes that a) can get dirty b) aren’t brand new, so…Continue Reading “Festivals In Vintage”

Hello sunset! These pictures almost didn’t happen, because however much I tried to plan my outfit, the location and the weather, that day ended up like a “reasons my girlfriend is crying” meme. I shed a tear, because I couldn’t have dinner at seven (but had an ace time out with friends instead), I didn’t get an Instagram of a coffee cup right, I cried a bit because the evening was really pretty and I felt like I was wasting it and then because I’d…Continue Reading “What Ends Well”

What do you do with your time when you have your first day completely off work, off exams, off everything in months? I for one, planned a little spa trip to Eastern Estonia, to enjoy the summer sun, take in some sea views and book myself a massage. More on my spa adventures in my next post, let’s focus on the outfit (and the views!) here. I had about ten minutes to “plan” this outfit, so I pretty much grabbed what seemed to match (how…Continue Reading “Embroidered Jeans and Seaside Views”

As I already proclaimed on Instagram, my love for lilacs will never die and for a flower nerd like me, this time of the year is just perfect. Nothing beats walking around town, in the calming early summer’s twilight and taking in all the amazing floral smells. Sounds like a fairytale waiting to happen, with birds chirping in the background and a fairy godmother slyly waving her wand somewhere around the corner.  I did manage to perform some magic on my dress, though. Not only…Continue Reading “In Bloom”

I’m not much of a shopper lately (working in retail just makes you bored of new and exciting arrivals), but this sweater was one of my spring must haves. I think I first spotted this dreamy combo of pastel, stripes and dainty little crystals online, then went to try it on and left the store to ponder for a few days. After a few more fitting rounds, some changing room selfies and a markdown, I kindly asked my mom to surprise me with it for…Continue Reading “Manor House Magic”

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about my new dress, perfect for the transitional in between weather of early spring and probably ideal for a summer’s barbecue (the A-line cut hides all burger bellies!) and some festival dancing too. With some obligatory shorts underneath, though, because my towering 172 cm makes wearing the tunic-like dress too risky, especially if there’s a sneaky spring breeze in the air.  The dress is the star here, but I did also…Continue Reading “Dressing Up For Spring”