Earlier this month I went to Lisbon – mainly to attend a conference, but also to tick off one of the cities on the very top of my to-visit list. Not really a sole purpose of the trip, but one I’d kind of looked forward to, was getting to travel alone. Even though I’ve now lived alone in Amsterdam for a few months, I still think that I don’t handle long periods of time on my own very well. The thought of discovering a completely…Continue Reading “On Travelling Alone”

vintage dress summer 2018

Ah, Southern European air, how I’ve missed you! Lisbon has been top of my to-travel list for years (more on that in my next post!) and this little long weekend trip came exactly at the right time – when a very nice vintage dress had found its way to my closet, waiting for the perfect warm day to be worn. Lisbon certainly provided plenty of that! The dress in combination with my Superga trainers and a tourist-friendly new backpack (you can’t live in Amsterdam and…Continue Reading “Vintage in Lisbon”

lindex wrap dress summer 2018 trend

I’ve recently pondered a lot about when we turn from teenagers to adults and whether it’s a big milestone like graduating university, having your first real job or buying a flat or whether it’s a mindset that you gradually ease into, without even making the conscious decision of “adulting”.¬† Or if it lies in such simple decisions as the dresses we buy. This dress from Lindex for example was supposed to be a mere trend item, a wrap dress like any other on Instagram. Turns…Continue Reading “Adult Dresses and Cat Eye Sunglasses”

(eestikeelne allpool) I’ve been hooked on podcasts for a good few years now and more often than not, I’m finding myself tuning in to a conversation, rather than a Spotify playlist. Based on what I’m feeling like¬† – needing a pick me up, a good laugh or just something for the background on my walk to work – I’ve developed quite a selection to choose from. I mainly use the Acast app to follow, stream or download my faves, but they’re all on iTunes as…Continue Reading “Six Podcasts for Six Moods”