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My beauty routines are pretty set and it doesn’t often happen that I find new favourites – hence the few and far between beauty posts here. However, this ending winter has once again left my skin yearning for some extra moisture and relief, as per usual. It’s also far too easy to pick up something  while on a trip to stock up on my favourite foundation or online on a sneaky payday beauty browse ending with “add to cart” quicker than you can say “Maybe…Continue Reading “On My Beauty Shelf”


If you’d asked me a year ago if I’d like to try a new trend in the beauty sphere, called ‘double cleansing’, I’d have thought myself too lazy and happy enough with my just one cleanse. But now, the older, wiser, having-lived-through-2017 me is proudly backing the double cleanse hype, wondering, much like every other blogger other there, what I did before the big Double Cleanse. This year I’ve also felt that travelling might be freeing for the mind, but it’s oh-so-straining on my skin…Continue Reading “Attempting the Double Cleanse”

(eestikeelne allpool) I’m changing these rainy days and falling leaves for some sunshine this week and heading off to Macedonia! An unconventional and under-the-radar choice, brought on by the budget flights of WizzAir, I’m hoping this will inject some necessary vitamin D to recharge. I think I’ve packed all the essentials, so I thought I’d share a few of them here too, in case any of you need a bit on inspiration to book a trip to under the sun. You can keep up with…Continue Reading “Packing For Macedonia”

Is it just me or is this winter neverending? I swear I saw some snow falling the other day and I still haven’t given up my winter coat, although the temptation to whip out my leather jacket and set the coat to rest is huge. Another thing making winter difficult to forget is the fact that this year, more than ever, the combination of cold nordic winds outside and dry radiator air inside made my skin a dry mess to the point that my cheeks were…Continue Reading “Winter skincare heroes”

Hello, ultimate girlie post! I think I’ve reached peak “blogger status” now that I’m revealing my make-up routine, although I feel like calling it a routine is a bit far-fetched. Having tried the beauty blogging scene for a while and not being afraid of brushes, blushes and bronzers anymore, I’ve just developed a few firm favourites which seem to make me look decent even on the busiest and most tired mornings. I’ve tried and tested and finally feeling content with the insides of my make-up…Continue Reading “The Everyday Beauty Routine”

As with dressing for festivals, my make-up routine during those three days on a field also takes a slightly different turn. When you’re equipped with a small compact and not the cleanest of hands, then it needs to be quick, easy and as unfussy as possible. The base is easy: starting with wet wipes (a festival necessity for everything!) to clean my face and then some tinted moisturiser as an alternative for heavier foundation.  Then comes the most high-maintenance part, adding a bit of colour…Continue Reading “Festival Make-Up With Ciaté”

A curious little fella has found its way to my bathroom cabinet, the skincare device of the future, I’d like to think. Considering that my usual evening routine was a rushed cleanse using my hands and then lazily going over with a micellar water before rushing straight to bed, then the Lanaform Lucea is a huge leap towards cleaner skin. Basically it’s a vibrating silicone brush to deep-cleanse your skin without irritating it, but let’s take it once step at a time as I try to dip…Continue Reading “My Skin’s Little Helper”

All those Instagram pictures of blossoming trees and blue skies can only mean one thing – spring is truly here. Before it unexpectedly turns into summer with its dreamy sunset shots and endless beaches (#hotdogsorlegs anyone?), I decided to gather a few of my favourite bits together and have a little chat about recent beauty favourites, some fashion finds and a few not so materialistic faves too. ______________ Kõik need Instagrami pildid õide puhkenud puudest ja helesinistest taevalaotustest saavad tähendada ainult üht – kevad on…Continue Reading “Some Spring Favourites”

I’m unsure if it’s the cold winter wind or my poor habits of drinking milk, but come winter (or any other season for that matter) and my nails turn into a brittle mess, which usually results in me cutting everything off and just going with it. However, lately I was introduced to Ciaté’s brilliantly adorable (and equally good for you!) nail care products and I realised that there’s more than pretty bows to their products, so now they have a proud place on top of…Continue Reading “Winter Nail Care And Pretty Bows With Ciaté”

Although it’s already mid-November, I like to think it’s still autumn. Being a Northern-European girl, winter starts with the first snow and if there’s no snow, then it’s just autumn all around. You should also know that this is my least favourite season. It only gets colder and darker, wind and rain are nowhere as nice as in summer, Halloween is over-rated and Christmas is still far away. Nevertheless, I decided to bring to you my very first Autumn Favourites post, including all the nice…Continue Reading “What I Like About Autumn”